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Electrical Meter Box SMC/BMC Mould

Electrical Meter Box SMC/BMC Mould

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Product Details

Product Description

Item Name:Electrical Meter Box SMC/BMC Mould
1. Product Material

ABS, flame-resistant ABS, PC, PS, PP, PVC, TPR, TPU, TPE, HDPE,

PMMA etc

2. Mould CavitySingle or multi-cavities
3. Mold Base LKM or Equivalent standard mould base
4. Mould MateriallNAK 80 prehardened steel,718, 718H,H13 etc.
5. Surface Finish

chrome plating, silk-printing, laser etching, texture, 

color painting etc.

6. Injection Machine Size20 sets range from 120T To 850T
7. Product Size150×150mm
8. Mould Leadtime20-30 days depending on the quantity of the products
9. Injection Maching Size20 sets range from 120T to 850T
10. Mold Life 50,000shots to 500,000shots
The product in the pictures are our customers' OEM products, for reference only.


Plastic Molded Parts 
1.Professional manufacturer 
2.High quality,best prices and quick delivery 

Plastic Injection Solution:
1. Precision Injection Molding: From design consultancy & prototype tooling to high-volume world-class production
2. Parts are widely used: Industrial, Automotive, Electronics & Medical, Househood & Office

Technical Skills - Development, Design Skills
1. Design Consultation & Assistance
2. Pro/E, CAD/CAM/CAE including Solid Works(TM) and mold flow analysis

Material Selection Assistance
1. Quick turn-around prototype support
2. Secondary Operations including machining, welding & assembly

Molding - High Precision, High Concern
1. Plastic Decorating: In-Mold Decorating (in-mold labeling), pad printing & hot stamping
2. 40 Molding machines from 80TONS to 1400TONS
3. High precision molding from medical to fiber optics components

Secondary Operations - Value Added Service
1. Pad Printing
2. Sonic Welding
3. Assembly & Packaging

Our Professinal injection mold service: 
1. Automobile mold 
2. Gear mold 
3. Cap mold 
4. Unsrewing mold 
5. Overmold, overmolding, Two Shot Over-Molding, Two Color Over-Molding, Insert Over-Molding 
6. Hot runner mold 
7. Injection molding 
8. Stamping and die-casting mold 

Company Advantage:
1.Professional manufacturer 
2. Advanced equipment and excellent R&D Team
3. Highly skilled manufacturing process
4. A variety of ODM&OEM product range
5. Strict quality Control System
6. Software for specification drawings: Pro/E, Auto CAD, solid work 2001,CAXA,UG,CAD,CAM
7. Competitive price

Company Profile
Aoxu Mould is the new concept in mould making in China. After more than 20 years of experience, Aoxu faces the new challenge of creating better and more reliable partnerships around the world. It was in 2013 that we begin to expand our business and improve our service. We have enough experience for making plastic homeware mold such as plastic basket mold, plastic container mould, plastic stackable bowls mold. Plastic industrial mould such as plastic crate mould, plastic pallet mould, plastic paint bucket, plastic bobbin mould, plastic workshop chiller mould, plastic chair mould, plastic table mould, PET Preform mould, Pet Blowing Molds, Motor parts mould, automobile parts mould and so on.


Plastic Furniture Stackable Adult Stool Injection MouldSimulation Plastic Flow: Simulation of plastic melt flow. To optimize and injection mould design of plastic parts, potentially reducing parts defects, improve the molding process.
Simulation Gating System: The cold/hot runner and gate configuration of modeling and Optimization. Improvement of parts surface, reduce warping of parts and cycle furthest.
Simulation Cooling: Improving the efficiency of the cooling system, reduce warping of parts furthest, so that the surface is smooth, and reduced cycle times.
Simulation Shrinkage and Warping: Evaluation and injection mould design of plastic parts in order to control shrinkage and warping.
Professional Forming Process: On a wide range of injection moulding processes and specialized application process flow simulation, especially in gas-assisted injection mould. For example: gas rattan chair.

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