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China Automotive Lamp Mold Company

Meter Box SMC Mold Mould material: S50C, S60C, P20, 718H, 2738, H13, 2344, etc. Information to quote: 2D,3D,samples or pictures of multiple points of view with dimensions. Leadtime for mould: 30--60days, on basis of the difficulty level. Service life : 500-1000 thousand times. Cavity number of...

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Product Details

China Automotive Lamp Mold Company

Mould Specifications


Automotive lamp mold



Molding Method

injection forming

Design time

within 3 days(usually)


hot/cold runner

Core &Cavity Steel

P20,718H,2738H, H13, NAK80,2316 etc.

Mould base & Standard Component


Cavity Number


Injection System

Side /hot Gate

Ejector System

Ejector Pin

Steel hardness


Plastic material


Cycle Time


Mould life



Other Detail You Can See.

1. Mouldbase

Standardization Use, whenever possible metric standards like LKM for all the mould components. (including guidebushing, guide pin, ejector pin and so on.)
2. Moudbase surface finishing
All plates should be painted with automotive paint blue or green to protect against the corrosion.
3. Cores & cavities
The cores, cavities and inserts made of stainless steel, hardened and tempered up to 45-48 HRC.
Surface finish: Mirror Finish-Diamond Polished.

4. Core wedge blocks

To be manufactured from P20 local steel and heat treatment by gas nitriding.
Wedge blocks need to be located in deep pockets to prevent movement.
5. Steel hardness in general
It is good practice and necessary to have a difference of several points HRC hardness between
sliding steel mould parts to prevent pick up between the steel parts. For example any P20 core slides
or wear plates should be gas nitride.

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