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BMC Washing Sink Mould

BMC Washing Sink Mould

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Product Details

BMC Washing Sink Mould


1.Mold Design

Mold design and construction requires special attention for optimal product quality and reliable molding.
A detailed specification is required in 
 -product shape and tolerances
 -mold in relation to molding equipment
 -parting lines; venting
 -number of cavities 
 -runner lay-out and gating system 
 -ejection system 
 -cooling system lay-out 
 -type of tool steel 
 -surface finish.


2.About Aoxu

In the 2010s Aoxu Mould began to design and manufacture tooling for SMC,BMC and GMT material.Since  that time, Aoxu can produced tooling for the production of automotive parts(front and rear bumper,dashboar,shell roof,floor,car door,spoiler,seat,engine cover etc),sanitary(SMC/BMC shower chassis,shower panel,SMC/BMC toilet seat,SMC/BMC sink,SMC/BMC washing basin,SMC/BMC bathtub,SMC/BMC ceiling,lavabo),SMC train window frame,SMC toilet assembly,SMC seat,roof sheet,electrical components,SMC motorcycle parts,SMC panel and many other products.

Tooling is usually designed with hydraulic cylinders with folw diverters for the ejection side.Many of the tools are polished to diamond finish and textured prior to chrome plating.The tools are either machined from high hard P20,heat treated H13 or 1.2738 to provide the longest life possible.

With more than 8 years of experience within the tooling industry,with focus on quality at an affordable.The focus of our operation is to supply our clients with quality SMC,BMC,GMT tooling and parts,conforming to the standards of our clients,to be reliable in terms of time and agreetments and a competitive price.

Whatever your SMC,BMC and GMT tooling needs,we have the design and manufacture capabilities to fullfil them,we are able to assemble parts for you and paint these to your requirements.



4.The advantage is as following:

1.Good dimensional stability, including excellent thermal resistance.

2.Pigmentable for molded-in color; best appearance with mold tecture.

3.Excellent property retention in cold and hot enviroment.

4.Suitable for outdoor use in applications involving UV exposure and water.

5.Packing for smc product 

1.Put suitable quantity together

2.Plastic film cover product

3.Wooden frame


6.Documents for Mold Shipment 
1. Tool check-list. 
2. Steel certifications. 
3. Steel dimensions report. 
4. Mold tryout process sheet. 
5. Tool assembly drawing printings. 
6. Part drawing and latest dimensions report. 
7. CD contains 2D & 3D mold drawing, electrode data and all above information. 

7.Why choose us

1.Design experience for many years , Senior professional designer and skilled workers ensure the quality

2.The strength of production capacity , can supply  2 00-- 3 00 sets per year and delivery on time

3. We own plastic mould workshop ensure g ood quality   4.Good cuminication skills and good service with customers,schedule are made weekly reports with detaild photos , sent to customers for monitoring5. we are not  only supply plastic mo u ld ,  also supply rapid prototypes 6. Provide  low-volume production  for ensure mould quality before shipment. 

8.Contact us

Welcome you visit our company. The more you know us, the more you'll believe we are your partner. 


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