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1.Automotive Parts Moulds


1.Mould Base:HASCO, DME, DIN, JIS, LKM. 

2.Texture:Mold-tech, Nihong, Yich Sang, Yixin, etc. 

3.Mould Core:P20, 718, 1.2738, 1.2083, NAK80, etc. 

4.Standard Parts:DME, HASCO, LKM, etc. 

5.Hot runner:Mold-masters, Master Tip, Husky, Hasco, DME, Yudo, etc.

Mould Gate 

Side Gate, Submarine Gate, Sprue Gate, Tunnel Gate

Product Features

1,Precise size, smooth surface , reasonable structure,

2, High production efficiency, easy automation,

3,Easy manufacture, high life and low cost.

4,According to different design, different materials for custom,

5,Production of fine, quality assurance, reasonable price.



2.Home Appliance Mould

-Air Conditioner Mould

-Refrigerator Mould

-TV Set Mould

-Toliet Seat Mould

-Electric box mould


Number of Cavities:1

Mould Steel:Core-718 Cavity-CPM40 

mould features: high standard polishing requirement. belong to big mould series. 

Injection: Hot Runner Injection System

Cycle Time:60-80s

Mould Life : 500,000 shots

Lead Time : 50-75days

Packing: Wooden Box
After-sales Services: Experienced engineers will provide all-round technical solutions to any problems occurred in mould operation.


IMG_8493_副本.jpg  IMG_8491_副本.jpg    

3. Commoditiy Mould

1. Mould material: 718, DIN2738.HRC:35-38.Guarantee longer mould life.
2. Very stable hot runner system, adopting DME standard,very convenient for maintaining.
3. Quite reasonable cooling water design, using Beryllium Copper, to match high speed injection.
4. Good mould structure, can exchange standard parts and maintain easily.
5. We have ability to design novel stytes for our customer.
6. We supply good service of pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale and after service.

4. Aluminum Die Casting Mould

Auto parts:engine cover, brake pad, clutch.

Industrial Parts:Pneumatic tools, pumping housing, control valve body.

Electrical & Electronic Parts:Meat grinder,coffee machine,smart robot.

Furniture Fittings:sofa leg, furniture holder, garniture,Screen bracket.

Lamp Fittings:lamp heat sink, lamp housing, lamp seat.