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Why Was The Injection Plastic Noise?
- Jan 15, 2018 -

Injection Molding Machine have noise,how to do? The noise usually come from the clamping unit.

The Solutions of the injection molding machine noise as below:

1).The lubricate oil isn't enough.  
      a)Please inspect the setting on computer about the  lubricate oil adding time. Increase the lubricating time.
      b)Please please inspect the lubricate oil pool have enough oil or not,the oil pipe is jamed or not? Please clean the clean the lubricate oil rout.make sure the oil pipe unobstructed.

2) parallelism isn't good,reset the parallelism.

 3) Clamping force too much.Inspect the clamping pressure too big or exceeded. Adjust the clamping force depend on the products.



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