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What Plastic Injection Molds Can We Make ?
- Jun 29, 2018 -

It doesn't matter how your product looks likes or in what quantity you need to produce your part:  we can make small or medium moulds yes even large molds or for some very complicated parts but also 2 component,  molds with many sliders or family molds.
If you need a aluminum prototype mold for short run we are also yours supplier, with AOXU molding and aluminum inserts we are ready for cheap short run injection molding.
Yes, we are a  mold maker in China and as you know the general Chinese Mold quality is improving these days and we can say we are in the top of bringing these quality close to European standards.
Working with Triple-C,  means that you don-not need to supervise the mold design and qualifications of your tool to make sure you received what you paid for.

Besides mold making our other services are part design and product Mold design:

One of our clients made a design of a complicated mechanical system for an agricultural automated machine and  asked us to design an innovative family mold for their gearwheels and actuator. It was designed by our tooling and  mold designer. We build 4 new family molds for the first 10.000 test series. Our total cost were much less compared to the rather expensive cost at their local mold manufacturing.   Our mold makers are there to think together with the customer and to build high quality mold based on their years of experiences
Nowadays these molds have been injection molding these PA parts for some year at an excellent level  without any problems or defects.. 

IN order to understand the mold making wll you must understand how a mold is build, and how it looks like, only  good suppliers who want a long erm the partnership, not only in China, will tell you this..