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What Is A High Speed Steel Mold
- Jul 18, 2018 -

Special properties of high speed steel mould

Compactness craft perfect sex, make cement road teeth steel mold mold box of special use of the space and the development of the market demand is our direction, the current domestic cement road teeth steel mold die box technology also is not very perfect but we continue to work hard to achieve the cement road teeth steel mold die box in the new period of development.
The manufacture of cement channel tooth steel die box usually requires several processes, such as casting, cutting and heat treatment.
For the manufacturing quality of the steel mould box of the cement pipe tunnel teeth, and the cost of production is low, its material should have excellent forgability, machinability, hardenability, hardenability and grindability.
It should also be sensitive to oxidation, decarbonization and quenching deformation.

High speed steel mould/high speed cement material processing requirements

High speed steel mold, besides should choose high quality mould is very high to the requirement of material, natural granite machine must be used by the exploitation and the strength of the material must be qualified, the surface is not defective, smooth, clean, edges must not have missing Angle, without clear off color, discoloration, to light, when loading and unloading, slowly to prevent knock against damage materials.
High speed steel mould must choose first class steel plate, the inner wall must not have raised small bubble or concave go small pit, can affect the appearance of the whole cement product so beautiful degree.
Road calculus must be processed with advanced instruments in accordance with the unified standards for feeding, facing the roadside side must use a polishing machine, long and wide error allowed at 20mm.



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