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Understanding Of The Processing Technology Of Connector Mold Parts
- Jan 15, 2018 -

In general,the processing equipment that is needed by processing technology of connector mold parts mainly includes milling machine, lathe, drilling machine, grinding machine, punching machine, lathe, milling machine CNC CNC (computer gongs), wire cutting machine, EDM machine tool.



The selection of machine tools is based on the requirements of the product to make a reasonable processing technology of the connector mold parts,that is to say, the suitable processing equipment is selected according to the processing technology.In the actual mold processing, in order to meet the requirements of the processing technology of connector mold parts, we also need to use vacuum furnace, such as material heat treatment, deep hole drilling for deep hole, carving machine for lettering and other processing equipment.



Reasonable selection of processing technology of connector mold parts can be understood as the processing requirements of connector mold parts is finished with the lowest cost;Now the delivery requirements for mobile phone mold or individual customers is getting shorter and shorter,in order to complete the mold delivery on schedule,we can only choose the processing technology without profit,so we increase the cost of mold processing.


In fact, knowing the machining range and machining accuracy of each machine tool, we can choose the reasonable precision connector mold parts processing technology according to different requirements. As a mold professional, we need understand the machining scope and ability of machine tools in order to better evaluate the die structure and processing schedule.



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