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Tool Maker
- May 14, 2018 -

.This job is a versatile, before mold is basically they make, but the nature of the job has changed a lot now, specific parts machining has been subdivided into various jobs, don't need a fitter's teacher is in charge, now nature of the job has changed a lot. Now it is basically subdivided into fitting-out fitter, and two positions of mould clamps. The assembly fitter is mainly responsible for the assembly of the new mould, the flying die, the test mode and so on. And the molds are mainly responsible for the repair of the mold. This position needs to master the following technologies: processing machine operation: a qualified fitter should master common machine operation, and can guarantee certain accuracy. Mainly mill, mill, car, drill and so on. Then there is the flying mode, the assembly technique. There are basically no shortcuts to these manual skills. Simply speaking is looking more, asking more and practicing more. Of course, it is necessary to buy the book of the fitter process in advance, and there are many practical things that the master doesn't necessarily tell, or is not the most correct one. For example: the skill and Angle of the sharpener, the use of silk attack, the reservation of the screw hole, etc., in fact, the book has detailed introduction. More research on the book knowledge, do not know to ask the master, than blindly ask the master much better, generally a month or two, most machine operation is no problem. Mold structure: this part belongs to the theoretical knowledge, as the tool fitter also must understand. Learn how to follow! , buy a book of mould structure, (mold professional students can directly take the former teaching materials out, don't have to buy a 7) reading, from work to work to see mold, theory combined with practice, the two phase, can quickly grasp the basic mold structure. Usually one or two months, basically can be done. Three to four months down, the complicated mold structure should not be a problem. This is the time to see what the factory is doing. If it's a simple mold, or a mold of a structure, the things in the factory are basically finished. Software: the general factory has no such requirement for the locksmith, but there are some factories that need to be able to check the drawings themselves, which will be the best. In fact, it's a simple operation. It's easy to learn. How to learn: buy a second-hand computer, just under a thousand. CAD.UG or PROE, just a few. Some video on the Internet and some books in the bookstore. Consider a secondhand bookstore or online secondhand book, which is cheaper. It's best to buy with other books and save shipping costs. Learning to use the computer software to see the drawing has a benefit, can see more technical data, further enhance the technical ability. In the factory! This is necessary when things are finished.:



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