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The Penetration Of Industrial Software Enterprises Into The Platform Of Manufacturing Enterprises Was Accelerat
- Jun 12, 2018 -

Intelligent manufacturing drives industrial software and information technology services oriented to manufacturing into a new stage.Industrial software will usher in a new round of accelerated development.Software defined the second half of the year, the ministry of the industrial technology action plan (2017-2019) for the formulation and technical constantly breakthroughs in industrial 4.0, industrial software companies will speed up to manufacturing enterprises especially the penetration of high-end manufacturing industry software platform, the software industry in China will usher in a new stage of development.

Information technology service oriented to manufacturing industry has become an important development direction.In the first half of this year, intelligent manufacturing projects promoted the development of intelligent factory solutions, accelerated technical, product and service cooperation among relevant industrial software manufacturers, and promoted the integrated development of the industry.Industrial Internet platform for important window, haier, space cloud network, sany heavy industry, xugong domestic giant compete to introduce their industrial Internet platform, flexible production launch support manufacturing enterprises, product customization, product operation process monitoring and personalized service.Sadie, a think-tank, believes that the second half of the year, in the intelligent manufacturing, and the traditional manufacturing integration development of information technology services market space and scale continues to expand, building intelligent plant solution suited to the characteristics of the industry will become the direction of vertical integration within the enterprise.



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