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The Mold Is Divided Into Three Types According To The Casting System.
- Apr 19, 2018 -

The mold is divided into three types according to the casting system.

(1) The gate of mould, the runner and gate on the parting line, together with the product in the mould stripping, the simplest design, easy processing, low cost, so more people using gate system operation.

(2) Nozzle mould: the runner and gate is not the parting line, generally directly on the product, so to design a set of shuikou parting line, design is relatively complex, processing more difficult, often depending on the product requirements to choose fine nozzle system.

(3) The hot runner mold: this kind of mold is approximately the same structure and fine shuikou, the biggest difference is that flow into one or more of the temperature of heat flow but and heat pumping mouth, no cold feeding demoulding, runner and gate directly on the product, so the port don't need mold release, also known as no runner system, this system can save raw materials, applicable to the raw material is more expensive, high requirement of products, design and processing difficulties, mould cost is higher.



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