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The Mold Industry Entered The Era Of Collaborative Manufacturing.
- Jan 24, 2018 -

The peak BBS theme of "made in China 2025 and fission huangyan mold industry", "technology leading and innovation", "strategic development and cooperation", "market orientation and promote" three plate setting issue, in personnel training and development, scientific and technological innovation, strategic and business planning, international cooperation capacity, mold town in intelligent construction and regional harmonious development, the brand strategy interaction, to judge the development trend of China mold and die industry, promote more government support and development of enterprises from raw power.

BBS site, in addition to mold industry experts and scholars from home and abroad, also there are lots of huangyan mould enterprise, the head of the local enterprise own development direction and the corresponding technical confusion to seek the higher-ups seems, at the same time also share enterprise development valuable experience for many years.So, what are the dry goods on BBS?The reporter briefly summed up for you.

Do a good job in market segmentation and do better.

Huangyan mould for more than 60 years development history, form dominated by auto mould, both electric and electronic mould, automobile, electric cars and motorcycle fittings mould, plastic commodity mould, blow mould, building materials, mold, extrusion mold and corresponding pattern of die parts as core industry, mold production volume accounts for about one over ten of the country, also emerged such as KaiHua mould, sincere era of some influence in the industry circles.

Zhejiang saihao industrial co., LTD. Auto lamp mould in the top three international level.Hao industrial co., LTD. General manager YuWeiBing share way, since the company 35 years ago in auto mould, has focused on the development of the automobile lamps and lanterns of mould, focus on the development of the industry segments."In focusing on the lamp mould development process, we pay a lot, to reduce the development of new products, other also give up a lot, but we still resist the temptation to go to the high precision mould road, also experienced many difficulties, the only public profile in the lamp mould industry."

In an interview with the media, qin ke, secretary general of the China mould industry association, said that the huangyan mold has become quite competitive after more than 60 years of development."The industry is strong, not only after the big scale, but also the champion in the subdivision field.National ministry of industry and also puts forward the concept of manufacturing single champion, the mold industry is doing support for other industries, I think the mold enterprises want to develop for a long time will focus on niche, careful study, strive to niche market holds an absolute advantage.At present, the mould enterprises of huangyan should strengthen the system construction and control the quality, cost and efficiency, and promote the development of huangyan mould.According to qin, many of huangyan's mold enterprises also have the strength to become a single champion of manufacturing industry.

The leading demonstration and guidance, the industry coordinated development.

Qinke said that the industry has entered the new manufacturing industry, an era of industrial integration and collaborative manufacturing, and the mold industry has a reasonable layout for the overall package, and the mold enterprises are gathering in the market."At the moment, it is difficult for a mold company to complete an order on its own, which needs to be subcontracted to other companies, which makes the mold industry more collaborative than other industries."

And how to achieve synergistic development, the honorary President of the China mould industry association chu kexin thinks that the demonstration role of leading enterprises is critical, leading enterprises to assume their own responsibilities."Synergy is the sincere cooperation between enterprises, between the team to achieve effective complementary, leader must to cooperative enterprises to establish a unified standard, output technology, output, management, sharing between enterprises."At the meeting, experts believe that the synergy development of the mold industry is not only between the enterprises in the same industry, but also the cooperation between the mold factory and the downstream parts factory.

Beijing, general manager of byd auto mould Hao Fuchun thinks, at present, automobile manufacturing is developing toward the direction of the light, the carbon fiber lamp, the application of aluminum wheels and other products, need mould enterprises and the downstream parts makers well coordinated, and cutting-edge technologies for good docking, explore the application of new material of mould and the adjustment of the production process."The mold factory should keep up with the development of the main engine plant, and must be professional and intelligent, and improve its professional skills and efficiency."

Quality enhancement, intelligent manufacturing, promotion of industry brands.

"Intelligent manufacturing" is positioned as the main attack direction made in China 2025. On BBS, how to realize the intelligent manufacturing of the mold industry is also the focus of enterprises and industry experts.

Conference, dow mould group enterprise representative to huazhong university of science and technology material molding and mold technology, director of the state key laboratory of soloing the professor questions, the depth of the enterprise how to promote the informatization and industrialization fusion?

Reply to this, soloing, promote the depth of the fusion of informatization and industrialization, the key is the use of information technology improve enterprise level of design and processing level, management level, improve design quality by using simulation technology, the digital production process to reduce manual intervention, the quality of product of intelligent management mode to reduce artificial decision link, make enterprise efficient operation.Shanghai jiaotong university, professor, director of the national engineering research center of mould CAD Zhao Zhen thinks, at present, the intelligent mould making the whole application is still a long way in our country, the local intelligent technology and production process is more limited.Mould intelligent manufacturing to achieve local breakthrough, the key is to strengthen foundation, established database, such as the new material characteristics on the basis of data analysis and simulation, realize intelligent mould manufacturing, and then realize the ascension of the quality of the product.



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