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The Latest Technology Of Die Casting Die
- Jun 14, 2017 -

All kinds of die-casting die surface treatment new technology is emerging, but in general can be divided into the following three categories:

(1) The improvement technology of traditional heat treatment technology;

(2) Surface modification technology, including surface thermal expansion treatment, surface phase change hardening, EDM strengthening technology, etc.

(3) coating technology, including electroless plating.

Die-casting mold is a large class in the mold. With the rapid development of China's automobile and motorcycle industry, die-casting industry ushered in a new era of development, at the same time, the overall mechanical properties of die-casting die, life and so on a higher demand. International Mould Association Secretary-General Rob believes that to meet the increasing use of performance needs only rely on the application of new mold materials is still difficult to meet, it is necessary to apply a variety of surface treatment technology to die-casting mold surface treatment in order to achieve the die-casting mold high efficiency, high-precision and high life requirements. In a variety of molds, die-casting mold working conditions are more stringent. Pressure casting is to make molten metal in high pressure, high-speed mold cavity filled with die-casting type, in the process of repeated contact with hot metal, it is required that die-casting die with high heat fatigue, thermal conductivity wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact toughness, red hard, good demoulding and so on. Therefore, the surface treatment technology of die-casting die is higher.