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Die casting industry: transformation and upgrading of road.
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Die casting mould is an important mould in modern industrial production, which can improve production efficiency quickly.Beilun die casting mould has gained a high reputation in the national industry, and has won the reputation of "China die-casting mould country" and "China die-casting mould industry base".

The density of die-casting manufacturing enterprises in our area occupies the leading position in China, among which automobile engine die-casting parts and die-casting moulds account for more than half of the national market.At present, we have nearly 2, 000 die-casting and related enterprises in our district, with more than 80,000 employees.In 2016, the output value of the casting industry is about 58.2 billion yuan, which is the largest concentration of die-casting and die-casting products in China.

Die-casting mould-related enterprises have become the largest industrial agglomeration in China.

In may this year, China foundry association organized "China top 20 enterprises comprehensive strength of die casting mould" expert commenting, 10 companies to be included in the district, occupying list "half", gross output value of 900 million yuan.Between 2006 and 2016 in China mold and die industry association recommend declare national new product 36 vice mold, beilun die 19 vice, account for more than 50% of the die-casting mould, strong mold area leadership highlighted further.

At present, the development zone has all kinds of die casting machine more than 1000 Taiwan, more than 300000 tons gross tonnage of 1000 tons die casting machine ownership in our city in the first place, die casting products manufacturing dominant in the east China area, the total precision of the product quality and the advanced level at home and abroad.Die casting products annual growth in recent years, the grade of the die casting products, Germany BOSCH (BOSCH) company and TTI, tesla, Chrysler, muller and other world famous manufacturers to beilun enterprises as die casting supplier.

District, the rapid development of die casting will promote the development of die mold, currently has more than 1000 sets of various kinds of machining center, and from Japan, the United States, Germany, Italy, Sweden and other countries the introduction of numerical control high-speed milling, wire walking machine, edm machine, deep hole drilling machine, three coordinate measuring machine, moulding machine, electronic universal testing machine and other advanced precision machine tools and testing equipment more than 200 Taiwan (sets), 3 million yuan of above five axis machining center of more than 30 Taiwan, etc.The number of advanced equipment is still increasing, and the overall technical equipment is leading in China.The rapid advancement of technology has led to the emergence of a large number of leading enterprises.Such as automotive technology co., LTD., ningbo xu hui electrical appliance co., LTD., beilun ningbo great huiwang mold industrial co., LTD., ningbo HuaShuo mould machinery co., LTD., etc., become a leader in die casting industry segment development.

Ningbo schoenberg hui electrical appliance co., LTD. Is a collection of mold design, mold manufacturing, parts die casting, surface treatment, precision machining for the integration of enterprise, with various international famous brand 15 sets of die casting equipment, more than 20 units, high speed, high precision machining center CNC lathe more than 40 units, more than 20 units, high speed, high precision machining center CNC lathe more than 40 units, high-precision machining machine more than 30 Taiwan, surface processing equipment more than 10 Taiwan, other precision special equipment for more than 30 Taiwan.We also have a number of three coordinate measuring machines, spectrum analyzers and other precision metering equipment, which are the designated supporting manufacturers of "BOSCH", "RYOBI", "panasonic" and other famous manufacturers at home and abroad.After 30 years of development, the enterprise has become a high-tech enterprise in the city, which is also one of the most powerful and fastest growing enterprises in the mold and aluminum die casting industry in our region.

We will speed up the upgrading of enterprises' technological innovation capacity and improve the supporting industries to achieve high-end precision.

In recent years, the die-casting mould enterprises in our region, especially the leading enterprises in this area, aim at the high precision direction, and accelerate the upgrading of technological innovation ability and production equipment.Ningbo zhenzhi mold independent r&d CNC DE marge triaxial, five-axis high-speed milling equipment;Jun ling introduces a batch of machine processing center, the automation degree industry leads;A large set of mold investment tens of millions of yuan to purchase new equipment, continuously eliminate backward products.

Over the years of the beilun (development zone), promote the adjustment of industrial structure of special funds to support policy is very pay attention to the key support of regional advantageous industries, on the basis of enjoy GSP for die casting industry and introduced preferential policies to an additional 70 million yuan over financial aid.We encourage enterprises to develop smart equipment industry, and provide corresponding fund support to "machine replacement" demonstration service providers and demonstration projects, thus promoting industrial transformation and upgrading.So far, 35 die-casting enterprises have automatic production lines, 150 automatic production lines and 310 robots.It has been awarded the 21 r&d centers of provincial high-tech enterprises and 4 provincial enterprise research institutes.In 2016 alone, 1,080 patents were applied, of which 110 were patented.Significantly improve enterprise innovation ability, such as zhejiang HuaShuo technology co., LTD., in 2016 won the "national torch plan project", "the province's first patent excellence award", "innovation demonstration model of small and medium-sized enterprises in zhejiang province" and so on innovation of honor;It is listed as a provincial patent demonstration enterprise.

Big Qi high-grade mold and auto parts industry base after more than five years development and construction, base offer the advantage more than 50 die casting enterprises, many enterprises in the industry has a strong brand, dominance.There are mold huiwang, xu car, start a prairie fire molded 19 high-tech enterprises, such as mold huiwang, xin electromechanical, xu Lin rise, become the machinery and machinery, such as the six "China key mold enterprise", following the peak car and sensitive electrical machinery 2 national laboratory, national, provincial research and development and engineering (technology) center at all levels more than 20.

Our district encourages die-casting mould enterprises to expand the internal and external market and optimize the product structure.With the development of mechanical industry, especially in automobile industry both at home and abroad and the development of the global telecommunications industry, die-casting enterprises to gather type rapid development of industrial clusters of our die casting enterprise network formed between, continuous innovation, set up automatic production line, vacuum die casting, mold flow analysis, etc. New technology, new equipment.The current development of customers not only have the domestic brands, such as Volkswagen, faw, haier enterprise, and the international high adai, flange, tesla, Bosch, the world famous companies such as samsung, LG, panasonic, products are exported to Europe, the americas, Oceania, etc., beilun die casting has gone to the international big stage.

Our district also organized enterprises to participate in the formulation of the national standard, to occupy the high end of the industry.On the basis of the 14 national technical standards of die casting mould in 2016, it is the prelude to the revision of the standard system of die casting.Up to now, the 19 national technical standards of pressure casting mould declared in 2016 have passed the review, which is to be approved by aqsiq and promulgated and implemented in this year.It is understood that the die-casting mould sub-committee and the international standard of die-casting mould also strive to complete the data compilation and report by the end of this year.

In recent years, our area die casting mould industry supporting increasingly perfect.Establishment to better serve the die casting industry, the development zone beilun die casting public service center, build e-commerce, product testing, technology development and product display and so on four big service platform, and actively promote the cultivation of technical talents, help our die-casting industry transformation and upgrading.

Since its establishment in 2012, beilun die-casting public service platform has been innovating its service system and expanding its scope of service.In March 2016, ningbo vocational and technical college has built the platform in combination with the province's first "die casting machinery e-commerce platform", the use of the Internet technology resources integration of industrial design, manufacture and so on the whole industry chain, through the platform of self-built engineering and technical services team, to end product design research and development institutions at home and abroad directly with our business cooperation of mould and die casting, small and medium enterprises, help purchaser for new product development and small batch customization.This has reduced the cost of r&d, production and sales of the terminal purchase manufacturers, and also made the small and medium sized processing enterprises in our region obtain more cost-effective orders.

The rapid development of die casting industry benefits from the improvement of supporting industries.Since the 1990 s after heat treatment center located in beilun, ningbo branch of jiangxi academy of sciences in 2003, a Swedish wins best companies in the second heat treatment base in east China, ningbo beilun positioning into heat treatment center.A win in March 2015 the group installed very large import vacuum furnace, furnace for the largest size of the vacuum heat treatment furnace, for large-scale die-casting mould and die industry, make the supporting industries level of die casting industry development of our great ascension.

Die casting industry development of our organic combination of form a complete set of processing and manufacturing enterprise, form relatively perfect social collaboration degree higher system, including mechanical equipment, material supply, heat treatment, forging processing, mold design and manufacture, die-casting products finishing and so on many aspects, all make the die casting industry in the process of manufacturing processes to perform in the development zone in situ, save the logistics cost, shorten the production cycle, improve the production efficiency.For example, ningbo xun hui electric appliance co., ltd. independently developed the first new magnesium alloy insulation furnace in China last year, which broke the original dependence on imports.

Continuously improve the core competitiveness of the industry chain to strengthen the regional strong position in China.

With the rapid development of automobile and motorcycle industry in China, the die-casting industry has ushered in a new period of development. At the same time, it also puts forward higher requirements on the comprehensive mechanical properties and life expectancy of die casting molds.

In order to speed up the die casting industry structure adjustment and create unique advantages, promote the competitiveness of the die casting as the core of the industrial chain, built on the basis of high-grade die-casting mould, our r&d, production, testing, sales, and other functions in one, the nation's largest high-grade die-casting professional base and die-casting demonstration base, at the same time make the die casting industry become one of the main core district industry and new economic growth point.

By 2020, a new cultivating five die-casting listed companies, the whole die casting enterprise production grew by an average of more than 20%, annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan of above 10 enterprises, annual production of more than 500 million yuan of above 20 enterprises, annual production of more than 100 million yuan of above 50 enterprises.Proposed planning and construction with a total land area of 2000 mu of die-casting enterprise listed industrial park, has now formed a district as the leader of the listed industrial park work leading group, to make our die casting industry have a qualitative leap.

Perfect industrial supporting system is an important guarantee for the rapid development of die casting industry.Our district also has strong measures and clear goals in the construction of supporting service system.By 2020, a supporting service system with the core of die-casting and die-casting market will be formed to speed up the construction of the whole innovation chain, the whole industry chain and the whole service chain.The die-casting industry is to be one of the most core competitive blocks in the industry of our district, and its extension industry has become an important part of the block economy of our region and the incubation field of enterprises.Supporting the market to build model for the development of the third industry, die casting in further perfecting the function of public service platform at the same time, focus on using the "+" Internet technology integration of industrial design, product manufacture and so on the whole industry chain resources, let terminal product design research and development institutions at home and abroad directly business cooperation with our die casting enterprises, promoting the development of productive service industry vigorously.

In terms of regional brand construction, actively encourage enterprises to participate in development of our national die-casting technology standardization (system) for work, to create international die casting to gather, make die casting national standardization demonstration zone, the die casting industry development of our class to the next level, become a lasting and influential regional brand.

The development goal of the key area of die casting industry is also established in our district.By 2020, it will reach the international advanced level in the design and manufacture of die casting, and establish the internationally recognized quality control testing center.Focus on developing the car key components, such as engine cylinder block, automatic transmission, steering pipes, such as die casting, build regional characteristics significantly, leading enterprises obviously, product technology content high, elegant environment, perfect supporting industries, strong radiation, the leading characteristic of die casting industry demonstration base.

For sustainable and healthy development, in order to make our own die casting industry plans to introduce 1-2 home with annual capacity of 200000 tons of die casting aluminium and aluminium alloy ingot, this will help to reduce the emissions of pollutants in the area of, for regional energy saving space, at the same time to improve the competitive power of the aluminum die casting industry this year is expected to advance and settled in a completed and put into operation."Through these efforts, the development zone of die casting industry chain will enhance core competence, and rapid development, the development zone in the area of domestic die-casting mold industry a strong position to intensify."Big Qi high-grade mold and auto parts industry base officials said.



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