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The Development Of Mold Industry Requires New Equipment.
- Apr 20, 2018 -

On the afternoon of April 10 CCMT2018 exhibition site, at the invitation of China machine tool industry association of China mould industry association held a forum, mold association secretary-general Qin Ke made entitled "China mold and die industry with modern manufacturing in accordance with and development" together with the theme of the report, the market situation involving mold, mold equipment and mold industry for the future development direction and their demand for equipment, etc.

After 30 years of development, has become a major country of mould manufacturing and consumption in our country, set up mould manufacturing system, mold sales reached 200 billion yuan in 2017, show the trend of the steady development and upgrading.According to the introduction, our country mold already has the batch export ability, in the basic meeting our country manufacturing industry to the mold need, also is the international mold market supply power.According to the customs statistics, the total export volume of China's mold exports in 2017 is us $5.49 billion, and the export destination country (or region) reaches 201.Total mold imports totaled $2.051 billion, up 2.43 percent from a year earlier.

Today, the pace of mold innovation and technological progress is accelerating, with new technologies, new materials and new forms driving the new structure of the mould and new products, and the driving characteristics of technological innovation are obvious.The innovation of mold industry has shifted from tracking to tracking and running in the new stage, a batch of enterprises have entered the international manufacturing first square.Refinement, automation, informatization, integration, network, intelligence to speed up the optimization and upgrading of industry quality efficiency and mold will continue to develop in the direction of large-scale, precision, high performance and integration.

New requirements for self and equipment application of mould manufacturing.Through the evaluation of equipment utilization, evaluation of manual intervention, collaborative evaluation and product quality evaluation, mold processing is developing to high precision and high efficiency.In the aspect of mold manufacturing, we pursue the modularization, standardized technical specification and process management of non-standard products, and strive to realize the combination of precise control, intelligent monitoring, stable production and quality measurement.

The mold enterprises have put forward the index requirements of the application layer for the mould manufacturing equipment, namely :(1) improve the equipment utilization ratio and the man-machine ratio optimization;(2) benchmarking, knowledge base management, componentization and modular manufacturing;(3) automatic processing unit;(4) a large number of dedicated equipment is invested in mold manufacturing, such as multi-axis multi-path intelligent special equipment;(5) implement manufacturing process control and result management.

Finally, qin said that the China model association is promoting the "refinement of mold intelligence" and will make full use of the role of the expert committee to lead the industry to improve the manufacturing level.



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