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SIC Series Injection Molding Machine.
- Jan 30, 2018 -

According to statistics, the production value of the Italian plastic rubber processing machinery and mold manufacturing industry accounts for 16.5% of the total output value of the ten industries of the machinery manufacturing union.At the same time, the main export destination of Italian plastic and rubber processing machinery and mold products is the eu, with an export value of 915 million.Its sales rose 11.1% in 2011, from $3.6 billion in 2010 to $4 billion this year.Meanwhile, Italian exports rose 19.3 percent from a year earlier to $2.4 billion.

Traction and cutting equipment.

For cable protection, supply, drainage and ventilation and occasions of small rigid PVC pipes (normally for 12-75 - mm) mainly on multiple high-speed extrusion production line (more than 20 m/min) on the production, the economy under the impact of the downstream equipment of production line.The downstream equipment should not only match the production speed of the extruder, but also need to have more adaptability than before, which can be used for the production of all kinds of products.

1. The PNG

SICA has developed PT 75 and PT RS 110 combined traction and cutting machines for PVC-U and PP tubing.

To achieve these goals, SICA (Italy Alfonsine, RA) developed PT75 and PTRS110 combined traction and cutting machines for pvc-u and PP pipes.Both models have a traction and a saw (2x1 mode) or parallel two traction and two saw (2x2 mode) modes.The PT75 can be processed at a high speed extrusion with a diameter of 12 to 75mm, equipped with a cut-off chainsaw, and cut by a cutting disc.PTRS110 can be processed with a diameter of up to 110mm, with a planetary saw with a probe, and can follow various oval tubes to ensure that the chamfer is very regular.

The traction equipment has two tracks (also can be configured as a single band traction).The upper part of the crawler tilts, adopts pneumatic positioning, and the lower crawler has a fixed height.The caterpillar has a chain with high friction, low wear and neutral vulcanized rubber pad.The vector motor band drive (controlled by a closed-loop system with a speed sensor) ensures constant traction at different extrusion speeds.

Traction and cutting devices running synchronously.However, the 2x2 model can handle the velocity phase fluctuation (speedphasevariations) in the secondary extrusion process due to the independent cutting device, which can also guarantee the high-speed production of the short pipe at high extrusion speed.If the PT752x2 model is machined with a diameter of 12mm at 30m/min extrusion speed, the production speed can reach 3600 long 1m tubes per hour.

BAUSANO has developed a new machine that can cut 16 wood - plastic composite (WPC) profiles simultaneously.



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