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Second Generation Space Architecture.
- Jan 30, 2018 -

Now manufacturers need to integrate more and more of the driving concepts into the vehicle structure.The future of the body, especially in the alternative drive systems of various small-batch models, requires not only a lighter weight, but also a greater flexibility in design.As you can imagine, there are more and more vehicle derivatives, which require self-adjustment and economic design.In the foreseeable future, additive manufacturing technology may create a new and feasible way.

EDAG's concept car "Light Cocoon" is a compact sports car with a bionic optimization design and an additive manufacturing vehicle structure that covers a layer of outer skin made of weather-resistant materials.EDAG displayed the Light Cocoon concept car at the Geneva international auto show in March 2015 and the Frankfurt motor show in September 2015."EDAG Light Cocoon" broke the inherent paradigm of vehicle design, using bionics optimization design, and transforming it into a lightweight body structure, and it is worth mentioning that the body structure is to add material manufacturing technology, it is the embodiment of a potential increase of material manufacturing technology of the concept car.

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Figure 1: EDAG in March 2015 and September 2015 Frankfurt international motor show in Geneva motor show show a concept car "EDAG Light Cocoon", is a bionic optimization design and increase material manufacturing vehicle structure compact sports car.

NextGen Spaceframe is a technical example of a combination of lightweight and flexible.

In a joint project, EDAG Engineering GmbH (Germany) wiesbaden, Laser Zentrum Nord GmbH (Germany), Concept Laser GmbH (Germany lehi firth) room and BLM Group (Italy,) made by bionic optimization, the hybrid Spaceframe (architecture) space, built for how do you will need to be flexible body design into reality show a new prospect.The technology combines the body nodes of the additive manufacturing with the intelligent processing profiles.In material manufacturing technology, with the help of the design of the node can have high flexibility and versatility, so that you can in the case of no additional tools and startup costs, "on-demand" production of different models.The connection element is made of steel profile.

Figure 2: NextGen Spaceframe (next generation space architecture) technology paradigm after function integration and bionic optimization of vehicle can be flexibly manufacturing lightweight structure: about how to will be variable and extremely flexible, suitable for according to the load level design of car body production concept into a reality this problem, a bionic optimization, the emergent mix manufacture method of Spaceframe (architecture) space design show a new prospect for it.



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