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Highway u-groove mold _ road u-groove mold customized
- Jul 18, 2018 -

U-shaped slot mold actually many kinds such as jet slot mold, mold, the jet stream channel steel mold sink, drainage channel steel mold, launder mould, water channel steel mold, and so on are belong to the u-shaped slot mold.

U-shaped slot mold can help find direction flow better, in the industrial production life, the construction of good drainage facilities is necessary, how to better water and sewage discharge to the provisions of the place?
It's easy to do. Just use the u-shaped flume.

It can be said that the appearance of u-shaped channel is an inevitable product of China's social development, because its high efficiency and water saving are enough to be favored by everyone.
Of course, in some areas also cannot leave the traditional pouring concrete channel, so, what are the differences between the two in the construction process?
What are the advantages of the u-groove mould?

First of all, the on-site prefabrication of u-groove should be marked with concrete number and mixing ratio, and the sample pressure should be tested according to the standard.
The inner and outer surfaces should be straight and smooth without honeycomb or hemp.
The end face should be flat and perpendicular to its axis.
The strength and dimensions shall meet the design requirements.

U-shaped channel irrigation engineering construction process, construction preparation, earthwork excavation and check slot - section owe party backfill soil - channel u-shaped groove bottom sand cushion laid to order concrete u-shaped slot, entry inspection, sand cushion paving elevation and adjusted to put u-shaped slot, longitudinal slope and elevation > to coping concrete pouring, u-shaped groove joint on the water channel U groove surface testing, inspection and completion of acceptance.




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