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Present Situation Of Die Casting Die In China
- Jun 14, 2017 -

China's die-casting industry has developed rapidly, the total output growth is obvious, domestic die-casting mold production after the United States, has become the world's second, becoming a veritable die-casting power. Can have such achievement mainly stems from our country by virtue of a unique vast market and relatively inexpensive resources and labor advantage, has been very obvious cost-effective in the international casting trade market occupies a greater advantage, according to the situation, the future of China's die-casting industry prospects are very broad.

Although China's die-casting mold in the "Eleven-Five" period has a major breakthrough. But its international profile is still on the rise, and production is rising, but most die-casting molds are only for domestic demand. Because of the technical constraints make the quality difficult to break through, at the same time some large-scale domestic demand enterprises also frequently to foreign die-casting mold Enterprises extend Olive branch, a serious trade deficit makes the domestic die-casting enterprises struggling.