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PC Material Transparent Plastic Chair Injection Mold
- May 11, 2018 -

As a professional plastic chair mould manufacturer, Aoxu Mould is experienced in making PC chair mould, we have the new design for office using PC arm chair mould and armless chair mould, ghosts chair mould, etc. We could offer a fine solution for the PC chair mould injection molding service.

Consider the PC raw material is transparent and higher cost than PP, we have more requirements to make the high quality mould in order to get qualified PC chairs. During the mould making, we have to pay attention on following tips:

1. The steel material we choose must be good for polishing and has suitable hardness, like H13, DIN1.2738, DIN1.2344 is OK for using as the chair mould core and cavity.

2. The injection gate location and type must be reasonable, because confirm the injection gate type and location, we use mold flow to analyze all the data to check the flowing and filling. The injection gate runner is specially designed in order to avoid cold material flow into the mould cavity.

3. The demolding angle of the PC chair leg and bottom ribs should inspect carefully in order to avoid any surface scratch.

4. Use high precision milling machine to tooling the parting line surface, which could help reduce the fitting time and protect the parting line well condition.

5. During the mould testing, we have to prepare dried PC raw material, mould temperature controller and testing on PC special-designed injection molding machines.

We could supply high quality PC chair mould with whole line molding solution, welcome to contact us for more information. 


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