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Ningbo Mould Industry Park Holds The Special Training.
- Jan 31, 2018 -

To promote the company the franco-prussian work, strengthen the employee's legal quality, improve the ability of employees in accordance with the maintenance company and their own rights, on December 14th afternoon, ningbo mould industry park invited ningbo Howe blowing in a law firm, YanShanShan and classmate lawyers do special legal training for everyone, company staff and related personnel in enterprises participated in the training.

Training first by classmate lawyers for you to do the "contract law" the relevant knowledge lecture, lawyer Chen through the typical case analysis, to teach in the contract is signed, the performance of the common problems in the methods and legal consciousness, the enterprise contract management due to all employees.After the lecture, also has carried on the question and answer link, we have put forward the legal problems in the work and life, blowing and YanShanShan lawyers for you one by one the patient answer.

The special training in this law is highly targeted and effective, which has been recognized by the staff, and has effectively improved the ability of employees to work in accordance with the law and prevent legal risks.



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