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Mould Making Team Of AOXU
- May 03, 2018 -

AOXU Mould has very strong Mould Making team, which are combined as below different departments.

·         Sale Engineering department

AOXU Mould has 2 sales engineering department, each department has more than 5 persons. They are professional in plastic molding and plastic mould making technologies, due to they have continues mould making technologies training. 

·         Mould Making Pricing Department

AOXU Mould Making pricing department has 6 officers, 4 of them are engineers who are professional in different types of mould making, such like automotive mould making, home appliance mould making, daily use plastic ware mould making, packaging mould making, they have more than 10 years related mould making experience. 2 of them are documents makers for breakdown list and quotation and specification data.

·         Mould Making design departments

AOXU Mould design department has 6 branches depart, they are mould 3D design depart 1, mould 3D design depart 2, mould 3D design depart 3, plastic design depart, mould 2D design depart and mould design inspection depart. Sino Mould take the mould design is the most important processing for the mould making, for this reason, Sino Mould has a very strong mould design team, in order to make the mould design more professional and correct, we made the mould design department separated into so many branches.