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Mold Designer
- May 14, 2018 -

The design position in the mold factory is mainly divided into two branches, one is CNC programming. One is mold design. These two jobs are relatively easy to program. The learning method is as follows: CNC programming: first of all, to learn this basically is machine origin, also have a few other position. However, must first learn to fuck machine is for sure, because learn to fuck machine but not understanding the process of the machine, is also a visual contact with all sorts of problems, technical points, on the back of the study has a lot of benefits. Then is the software, the learning method is the same: buy a computer, install the software, the next kind of data, had better be a master to give advice, consult at any time. Generally, the machine is about half a year, the software should also learn about the same. This time can have several choices. 1: is directly to find programming work, but this is unlikely, because self-taught distance of actual combat, after all, there are still gaps, sad will come in for an interview, unless there is a relationship is about the same, but even that is into the company to the master for a period of time first! To start doing things. If you have a friend, you can talk for a month or two to live in or around him. Practice and consult every day. But only if you have such a friend, and he doesn't have a lot of overtime, no girlfriend, etc., and you have a lot of self-control, or the consequences will be difficult. 3 is: find a training class, must the technical strength enough, centralize training a month or two will be ok. It should be said that if the teacher good, this is the best way, though it takes some money, but now the world is like this, there is no unearned thing, but I also want to learn fast and good technology, which have so good things, oh. Just feel the harvest! After all, it is worth paying. After all, saving time can earn more income. Mold design: this should is the hardest thing to learn in the mold industry job, because this job need to grasp things too much, really difficult to learn ah, but the position of the salary is relatively high, even if the level is general, also is equivalent to master processing medium level of salary, so, want to move into the position of the friend also don't have to worry about, no matter what to learn, or with company needs. But it takes longer.



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