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Ma: Low-end Manufacturing Continues To Decline And China Has A Chance.
- Jan 20, 2018 -

Jin Mo industrial control net news recently, alibaba chairman jack ma was elected President, zheshang always first and third in the third world conference on zheshang to deliver a speech on the BBS, according to the speech.

Entrepreneur "unity of knowledge and practice"

I used to be a teacher, always thinking that intellectuals are great and businessmen will be looked down upon.Now I think businessmen are great, businessmen are not trained in schools, and they are not trained by national governments.Businessmen are purely on their own grasp of the market, unique vision and fighting ability to play out, businessmen in China and around the world are scarce resources, personally, I insist that businessmen are scientists and artists in the development of social economy.In terms of corporate strategy, I personally think that strategy can't be duplicated. What really can't be copied is works of art, just as our faces look like this.Replication is easy to do, and so is corporate strategy.An entrepreneur wants to make the products and services of his enterprise, so that no one can replicate it. No one can surpass it. Only in this way can we go far.

Another difficulty for entrepreneurs is the "unity of knowledge and practice".It's easy to learn knowledge, but it's hard to make something that you know and make something that others like.Unity of knowledge is a very difficult thing for entrepreneurs to do.So, I want you to respect the scarce resources of this society, and that's our entrepreneur.

Four things that affect the economy.

We talked about a lot of economic problems today, the economic tide is falling, and there is a bad time when there is good and bad, and it is normal that there will be no good in 30 years.China's policy of the first 30 years has allowed China to grow at a high speed for 30 years. Now it is normal for me to fall back.When the economy is good, the enterprise that makes money is not called entrepreneur, the big wave fades out, still be there, talent call entrepreneur.Be able to judge the future. When the economy is good, you should prepare for the bad economy.When the economy is bad, and know that the economy will be bad, seize the opportunity.When the economy is bad, there are different perspectives on the future, and there are different perspectives on the future.

A friend once said that business is always more and more difficult to do, the key is the vision.In fact, business is more and more difficult to do, in fact, it has not been well done before, today is not good to do, always difficult to do.This needs to be different from other people.So I think, today, China's economy, there is no big problem.We have experienced all the problems in Chinese history, and we are all here on such a difficult day. We are afraid of this.

I think today, the impact of the world economy on China is objectively holistic.I think there are four things that affect, and these four things don't get much attention.Any crisis is not a crisis, but a crisis in the back.

First, in the world financial crisis of 2008, I personally think we didn't realize that the aftermath of the crisis would continue for four years.First of all, the first wave, and the United States, the second wave and Europe, we didn't do well prepared, this wave of financial crisis impact on the world, like earthquake and tsunami, waves to come over, take time.

Second, no one thinks the Internet technology revolution will have much impact on the world economy.The impact of this technology on China and the world is only just beginning.

Third, the emergence of new energy sources brought about by the energy crisis has brought about a series of changes that people have not paid enough attention to.

Fourth, in China, our economic model, social development and environmental problems caused by China have not occurred to us.The Chinese government has long been a reminder of the transition, but it hasn't worked so well.

Together, the country's economy has changed for three years.It should be said that today's economy has really reached the point of transformation and upgrading.It's just that the transformation and upgrading, when it comes to this slogan, doesn't come to mind that transformation and upgrading can cause so much trouble, but anything has to be paid for, and everyone has to pay for it.

Low-end manufacturing and shoddy manufacturing will also fall.

About the real economy and the virtual economy, I think the future:

First, China's manufacturing sector will continue to slide.Second, China's virtual economy is suffering.In fact, China's manufacturing industry has declined, mainly low-end manufacturing and shoddy manufacturing. If China's shoddy manufacturing industry does not continue to decline, China will not have a chance.

It's a real business revolution, and you see it as an opportunity, it's an opportunity, it's a disaster it's a real disaster.Crisis, opportunity must be in danger, great enterprise must be born in danger.Just calm down and observe how you can change yourself.

I am full of optimism. I am not afraid to be prepared.But from five to 10 years, China's economic opportunities are so strong that it is possible that the world cannot find a second country like China.I have always been an optimist, but optimism is not blind optimism.But one thing is for sure, the economy is good, you're not necessarily good;The economic situation is bad, and you are not necessarily bad.The economy is bad to have bad practice, the economy is good to have good practice, just look at the Angle is different.

In the long run, what is the likely lasting economic model for China?

China's future growth is not volume, but quality.This is a question that everyone must think clearly.Economic growth is 7%, 6%, even 5% what?The four big economies, the United States, the European Union, Japan, China, only China an economy's GDP growth rate of over 5%, China's annual economic income scale is very large, the money is enough, is to ask the money more reasonable?Is that right?Where to use it?This is an important consideration for the future development of China's economy.

Domestic demand is the future.

According to today's growth rate, there are 500 million middle income people in congress in the next 10 to 15 years.What's 500 million?The United States now has about 150 million middle income people, and our 500 million is equivalent to three U.S. needs.

How did the U.S. economy get up?Domestic demand.If China had three American economic dimensions in the future, that would be a big opportunity.The question is, if we did what we did yesterday, we would probably die.So I think the economic model should change.We stay a few years and seize the opportunity of the future.Today's model, the past, Japan's past, the United States, China must face is that a large number of middle-income groups will rise, the opportunity of China's economic future lies in the strong domestic demand.

The Chinese economy of the troika, I always think is "two horses and one ox".The exit is the carriage, the investment is the carriage, but the domestic demand absolutely is the ox cart.So many years, domestic demand, consumption how to spend?Consumption, the common people's money, that is the entrepreneur's ability, is the embodiment of innovation.We need to use our ideas to open up consumption and domestic demand, which must be the role of entrepreneurs.Please bear in mind that in the next 20 to 30 years, China must be driven by consumption, while the consumption pull must be the entrepreneur, the market is pulling, and this is the opportunity for all of us.

Losers always blame others.

Even if you don't have a good time, you don't have a lot of good people.Many problems, it is not terrible to see through, the terrible is you can not see.What is panic?The panic is that you don't know the future, and you know it's an opportunity.I believe that with our ability, with the quality of our employees today, I will invest in the future and hold on to the future. Most of us can't.And most of us can't. We can do it.That's the only way you think about it. You see it. What are you afraid of?

Today, the virtual economy and the real economy must not be opposed.Whether China is a real economy or a virtual economy, it is an early stage of infancy, and we still have a long way to go.Just remember, we haven't had a crisis in the last 30 years.Companies in Europe and the United States for hundreds of years, they don't know how much, they do it again.So, I think China has been lucky, stable and fast for 30 years.Thirty years in the future, you're light ability, that is to say, thirty years before, from practice perseverance, ability, team, you such a complete set of, can play a real role in this time.

In addition, I also saw that the entity monster virtual, the virtual entity, the loser is always blaming others.Successful people always blame themselves.People who blame themselves will succeed, but those who blame others will not.I see countless people, all the winners are checking themselves, all the losers think it's someone else's fault.So we need to examine ourselves, constantly reflect, and constantly reflect;Others succeed and admire others.Don't feel stupid if others fail.I'm telling you, almost all companies make mistakes, 90% of them repeat 99% of the time.There are not so many stupid people in the world, there is not much difference between people, but you will not introspect, will not appreciate, you will not boil it.

Good companies are born in bad times.Dare not take the risk, dare to meet the challenge, dare not to change the things that I feel very familiar yesterday, this is what we want to think today.

Enterprise competition, from "strong me" to "altruism"

Any technological revolution has created countless jobs.This time the technological revolution is no exception, but it requires high-end employment.So, I also believe that the economy transformation must walk from low-end to high-end manufacturing, and manufacturing must be combined with services, services is the future, any of the manufacturing industry is a service industry.The service industry, manufacturing industry is not only the cost, but also the innovation ability, the talent, the organization.

In the end, the competition between enterprises and enterprises is the competition of talent competition, leadership competition and innovation ability.So what I want to tell you is that, whether you like it or not, the world's game rules have been changed from now on.Used to IT, is now a DT, IT's just for your information, that is the basic skills, and DT after coming out, IT is not a technical change, but the change of thought, can make your employees more powerful, empowering your partner, and let your customers more powerful, even make your opponent is stronger.You sometimes think, what's the concept of a stronger adversary?The stronger your opponent is, the stronger you will be, and you will see any opponent, and you will see it as a blessing, because at last there is a man who will let me practice.But don't ever die, because you can't live without him.

So we are in the process of business, please remember, DT digital technology is to use the IT technology, to let others more, enterprises in the future also will be more and more transparent, will know how to share the future enterprise also, enterprise on the basis of transparent and share to bear the responsibility, to produce a myriad of innovative talents, and this is the competition of the future.

I want to share my own opinion, from strong I to altruistic thought, is the 21st century enterprises must have some quality.This is the new enterprise that will be born in this century. Believe it or not, I said today. After 30 years, you can look back.

Never pay a bribe for a lifetime of repentance.

There is no better time for young people than this time.In this era, you don't need to spell your mother's relationship, you don't need to spell corruption, you don't need a bank loan, you have to learn what you really know and how to work hard.

I hope that zheshang will never participate in any bribery, if our members participate in the bribery, we will clear out.The price can't be endured by our next generation.

I want you to stick to the bottom line. We can do less business.But the relationship between government and business is still to be done, but not those things.We spell the real thing, we spell the floor, the hard work is hard, it is to change ourselves, embrace change.We stop to think about what other people hate.Competition often fails because you can't see it, look down on it, don't understand it, you can't keep up with it.

We move ahead and take risks more than anyone else, but we build institutions, people, culture, and only then can we carry the risk.Today's enterprise, want to do global business, do not have good organization, culture, outstanding talented person, have no opportunity.



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