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International Die-casting Die
- Jun 14, 2017 -

In the international die-casting mold market competition is increasingly fierce situation, Japan die-casting die industry is also trying to reduce production costs. In the market size, the Japanese recession is most pronounced, regardless of output or domestic demand. Japanese mold Manufacturers in the technical focus on polishing and grinding process, the German mold manufacturers from the improvement of machining and discharge machining accuracy and efficiency, in order to reduce the manual processing time. Japan's die-casting mold industry is gradually turning the technology content of the low cost of the mold to production, only in the domestic production of high technology content products, Japan this speed to foreign transfer trend, which makes the use of die-casting die in Japan reduced.

Analysis on the factors influencing the development of die casting mould industry in China

The main reasons restricting the development of die-casting mould industry in China are: first, the domestic die-casting mold in the use of raw materials still have a lot of deficiencies; second, the backwardness of technology, is the development of China's die-casting mold industry has been very big obstacles; third, China's die-casting mold industry supporting system is not perfect.