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How To Create China With Advanced Materials?
- May 05, 2018 -

  At the new CHINAPLAS 2018 international rubber and plastic exhibition, basf unveiled the new four "China creation" projects.


  Including the concept of high-end motorcycle, high performance sports ground level ground, high elastic underwear and advanced collaborative robot PlasCobot, these projects using the latest basf 13 materials application technology, developed by basf in collaboration with local brands and designers, to meet the application requirements of the Chinese market constantly strive for perfection.



Basf Asia Pacific President (functional management),

President and chairman of greater China.

  "Through these cooperation projects, we show how to use basf innovative materials to jointly develop high-end products and build quality life.At the CHINAPLAS 2018 international rubber and plastic exhibition, customers will see how basf's local r&d capabilities, including the Shanghai innovation park and the asia-pacific design center, translate the creative concept into finished product applications.

With our innovation and design expertise and our local production capacity, we will assist China's design concept to translate into actual products and to the world."



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