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How Does The Profit Of Abrasive Grinder Slip Away?
- Apr 20, 2018 -

In the era of rapid economic development, there is increasingly fierce competition in abrasive grinding industry.What are the reasons for the diminishing returns and low profits?Who stole the profits from the abrasive industry?

Lack of professional market cultivation.

Traditional abrasive products have no systematic marketing strategy, lack of relevant regional protection, and stable price system.At the same time, many consumers buy abrasive products to pay attention to the principle of proximity, in any hardware store, grocery store, which is closely related to the abrasives industry.If developing professional grinding tool market, powerful supervision, through the market can be guaranteed in abrasives enterprises is worthy of the name, thus forming a centripetal force of the buyer, and good market order.

Lack of comprehensive brand ability.

Through the relevant investigation, most of the grinding wheel consumers in the purchase of grinding wheel products, the brand as the primary demand of the purchase products.However, in the current market, the grinding wheel, brand, and miscellaneous products are mainly used in the market, which can not obtain the trust of consumers, thus affecting the improvement of overall efficiency.

Foreign companies seize the market.

Abrasives industry especially the grinding wheel industry in our country, many are tiny mode, thus cause the product production is not enough professional and delicate, on the contrary, the grinding wheel enterprises abroad mostly pay attention to "designed and essence", focusing on high-end abrasive, cause now the present situation of the foreign capital enterprise basic monopoly domestic high-end abrasive.

The abrasive goes up and the profit goes down.

For many manufacturers, the cost of raw materials accounts for a high proportion of the total cost. If the raw materials are raised, the increase in the cost of enterprises will be directly affected.For example, this year, the tax price of brown corunyuyuan has been repeatedly updated to record high after breaking 4000/ ton, and 30% in half a year, which caused great pressure on profit promotion space.In recent years, the prices of raw materials and other raw materials of abrasives have risen sharply, and the increase of materials and labor costs and the continuous expansion of the consumer market have reduced the profit space.



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