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Function Characteristics Of Injection Mould
- Jun 14, 2017 -

The temperature in the injection mould is uneven, and it is related to the time point in the injection cycle. The role of the mold temperature machine is to keep the temperature constant between 2min and 2max, that is to prevent temperature difference in the production process or gap fluctuation. The following control methods are suitable for controlling the mold temperature: the control fluid temperature is the most commonly used method, and the control precision can satisfy most condition requirements. This control method shows that the temperature of the controller is not consistent with the temperature of the die, and the temperature fluctuation of the mould is quite large, because the thermal factors affecting the mold are not directly measured and compensated for these factors including changes in the injection cycle, injection speed, melting temperature and room temperature. The second is the direct control of the mold temperature. 

The method is to install the temperature sensor inside the mold, which will be used in the case of higher precision of the die temperature control. The main features of the mold temperature control include: the temperature of the controller is consistent with the mold temperature, and the thermal factors affecting the mould can be measured and compensated directly. Generally, the temperature of the mold is better than the temperature controlled by the fluid. In addition, the mold temperature control in the production process control of the repeatability of good. The third is joint control. Combined control is the synthesis of the above method, which can simultaneously control the temperature of the fluid and the mold. In the joint control, the position of the temperature sensor in the mould is extremely important, and the position of the shape, structure and cooling channel must be taken into account when placing the temperature sensor. In addition, the temperature sensor should be placed in a decisive role in the quality of the injection molded parts. There are many ways to connect one or more mold temperature machines to the injection machine controller. It is best to use a digital interface for operational, reliability and anti-interference considerations.