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Effect Of Die Usage On Life Span
- May 26, 2018 -

Design is the key step of mold production, the production of the initial link, to control the whole process of mold production, so the design also has a great impact on the service life of mould, the design is mainly from the following two aspects affect the service life of the stamping die.

(1) precision of the guide mechanism of the mould.Accurate and reliable guidance, to reduce wear and tear of the mold parts, avoid has enormous influence on the convex and concave die face injury, especially no clearance blanking die, compound die, and small clearance and multistep progressive die are more effective.In order to improve the die life, the guide form must be selected correctly and the precision of the guide mechanism must be determined according to the requirements of the process property and the precision of the parts.

(2) geometric parameters of cutting edge of mold (convex and concave die).The shape, fit clearance and radius of the punch have great influence on the forming of stamping parts, and also on the wear and life of the die.For example, the fit clearance of the die directly affects the quality and life of the die.If the precision is high, smaller clearance value should be selected in the design.Otherwise, the clearance can be appropriately increased to improve the die life.



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