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Do You Know About Mould Laser Welding Industry
- Aug 06, 2018 -


1. Laser welding of mold makes up for the deficiency of traditional arc welding and cold welding in repairing the fine surface of welding.
When rewelding, the heating range is small, the mold will not deform and there will be no pitting around the welding pool.

2. The laser welding of the mould can be supplemented in narrow and small parts and deep cavity parts, without hurting the surrounding wall.

3. When rewelding fine Angle position, it will not burn off the edge of the sharp Angle.

4. Special gas protection for laser welding of molds, no burning and oxidation of the welding parts and around the welding pool.

5. Manual or joystick control, the workpiece can be moved freely to suit any curve.

6. Operate under the microscope with the laser welding of the mould.

7. Various special welding branches, suitable for various mold materials, can be polished after welding, no make-up welding traces.

8. It can greatly save the cost of materials, labor and time for mold modification, mold repair or rework.



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