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Die Design And Manufacturing Flow Path
- May 24, 2018 -

Rubber check

Check if the glue is uniform, if uneven, it will cause shrinkage and affect the appearance.

Open mold direction

Determine the parting surface and the drawing Angle.

1. The parting surface chooses the maximum value of projection in the opening direction, and simplifies it as much as possible.

2. Touch the position: try to choose the rear mode, if you want to touch the front mold, easy to walk the front, affect the appearance, and use the plane contact.

3. Pillow position: the pillow is 5-8 mm, which is connected with the large parting surface. The rubber part is pulled out 3 degrees, and the back part is pulled out 3 degrees or avoid the air.

4. Insert position: use side work, pull 3 degrees, generally make insert.

The principle of draft

1: degumming direction drawing.

2: the largest end of the shaft is the product size, and the smallest end of the hole is the product size.

The 2D image

2D must pay attention to the mirror image and shrink, if you forget this step, most of the dies are scrapped.

Shrink computing

Shrinkage of small products can be put according to the experience (below 5 ‰) shrink, shrinkage products, for example, can put a 18) can also be put 20 ‰ more even may put 22 per product, must solicit opinions from the head put first, in order to avoid to form a complete set of product size does not fit.

Coaxial calculation

The spout eccentric KO should be coaxial.

Row a point

1. Generally use the oblique guide column as the power, and the smaller core distance is in the t-slot, which is larger than 30mm oil cylinder.

2. The Angle of the slope guide is 2 to 3 degrees lower than the Angle of the shovel.

3. The front die is more than half of the total height, which can save the shovel and use the front die for pressing surface.

4. The line width is greater than 100mm, with 2 oblique guide posts as far as possible, more than 150mm in the middle of the guide groove.

5. Positioning of the line: try not to use the bouncy ball (not big enough), and fix it with screws.

6. The row position is at the TOP position, and the spring must be put in, otherwise, the row position opening mode will be damaged due to gravity and cannot be reset.

7. Mold opening direction projection. If there is an inclined top or thimble at the bottom of the line position, the reduction mechanism should be set first, otherwise there may be interference between the line position and the inclined top or thimble.

8. Walk, walk, draft beer, glue position, straight out.

9. The travel distance of line position should be greater than 2-3mm of buckle position, and the stroke of oil cylinder should be greater than 10mm of buckle position.

10. To increase the solidness of the shovel, try to do the backhoe.

Inclined top design

1. Do 3-8 ° inclined top general, no more than 15 °.

2. The ejection stroke is generally larger than the buckle position of 0.5-1mm.

3. Top out direction: the glue level should be flat or up, otherwise it will be delayed inclined top.When the width of the inclined roof is small, a frame is added to the thimble plate to shorten the height of the inclined roof to ensure the strength.




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