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Die Casting Mold Manufacturing Market Competition Is Intensifying.
- Jan 24, 2018 -

Die casting mould manufacturer in the market competition intensifies.China's mold market competition is continuously intensifying, the mold technology content is continuously improving, belongs to the high and new technology product the mold more and more.According to the understanding, has been included in the Chinese high-tech products export catalogue by the relevant departments of the four types of mold.Actually has a lot of mould technology content is more than the four kinds of mold, such as auto parts progressive dies, precision multi-station progressive die, car large complex covering parts stamping die, car inner decoration of automation casting mould hot pressing molding, high strength plate, etc.With the development of high and new technology, more and more mold production enterprises have been identified as high-tech enterprises by relevant government departments at all levels.

According to the preliminary statistics of China model association, there are 7 state-level high-tech enterprises in the mold industry, and there are nearly 100 high-tech enterprises in provincial and municipal level.The trend of international mold capital transferring to our country is very obvious, the prospect of mold export is very good.Because our country mold especially medium and low-grade mold there is a greater price advantage in the international market, some mould price even only a fraction of the international market, combined with our country has a low quality labor force resources and good technical foundation and basic facilities, so in recent years, mould industry in our country foreign investment year by year, to purchasing mold more and more multinational companies in China.It can be seen that shenzhen die casting mould industry will gain a good momentum in the future.

, die-casting mold enterprise is usually very pay attention to speed up the pace of new product development, at the same time, zinc alloy die casting die casting factory to meet the domestic demand at the same time, also actively carried out vigorously to enter the international market marketing strategy.In addition, in addition to push forward the good marketing strategy on the price of the mould and manufacturing cycle, foreign mold price is generally the domestic mold of 5 to 10 times, the manufacturing cycle is 2 to 3 times, at this point, China's foundry industry than abroad have certain price advantage and manufacturing cycle.Secondly, a good die casting mould can bring great advantages to the company.Die-casting molds are always modified, and even after zui has been scrapped, a lot of time and manpower are spent, and a lot of extra cost.

Most people think of die casting mould in place for a design (the design of gating system) is not possible, must need behind the change again to, actually this is a serious mistake.Now use the advanced CAE simulation analysis software (such as FLOW3D and MAGMASFOT) can complete analysis the design defects, automotive, aerospace and other related industry of our country in recent years, vigorously develop for die casting mould industry provides a huge market demand, the demand is driven by an important factor of economic growth, die-casting mold related industry vigorously develop offers its broad market space.



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