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Development Trend Of Automobile Mould
- Jun 14, 2017 -

In the development of automobile mould industry at home and abroad, the demand of China auto mould industry and the transformation and upgrading of the mould technology show the following nine trends.

1, the mold three-dimensional design status to consolidate

The three-dimensional design of the mould is the important content of the digitized mould technology, and is the foundation of the integration of the mould design, manufacture and inspection. Japan Toyota, the United States and other companies have achieved the three-dimensional design of the mold, and achieved good application results. Some of the methods adopted in the three-dimensional design of the mould abroad are worthy of our reference. In addition to the three-dimensional design of the die, the other advantage is that it is convenient for interference inspection and can be used to analyze the motion interference, which solves a difficult problem in two-dimensional design.

2, Stamping process Simulation (CAE) more prominent role

In recent years, with the rapid development of computer software and hardware, the simulation technology (CAE) of stamping forming process plays a more and more important role. In the United States, Japan, Germany and other developed countries, CAE technology has become a necessary link in the mold design and manufacture process, widely used to predict the forming defects, optimize the stamping process and die structure, improve the reliability of the die design, reduce the test time. Many automobile mould enterprises in China have made remarkable progress in CAE application, and have obtained good results. The application of CAE technology can save the cost of the model and shorten the development cycle of stamping die, which has become an important means to guarantee the quality of the mould. CAE technology is gradually changing the design of the mold from the experience to the scientific design.