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Defects And Remedial Methods Of Injection Mould
- Jun 29, 2018 -

The cause of this defect

(1) the melting temperature is either too high or too low.

(2) insufficient plastic in the mold cavity.

(3). During the cooling stage, the surface touching the plastic overheats.

(4) unreasonable runner and small gate section.

(5) whether the mold temperature is suitable for the plastic characteristics.

(6) the product structure is unreasonable (the product structure is too high, too thick and obviously different in thickness).

(7) the cooling effect is not good, and the product continues to shrink after it is out of mould

Means to save the situation

(1) adjust the temperature of the ejector cylinder.

(2) adjust the screw speed to obtain the correct screw surface speed.

(3) increase the amount of injection.

(4) ensure the correct pad materials are used;Increase screw forward time;Increase injection pressure;Increase injection speed.

(5). Check whether the check valve is installed correctly, because abnormal operation will lead to pressure loss.

(6). Lower mold surface temperature.

(7) correct the runner to avoid excessive pressure loss;Expand the section size according to actual requirement.

(8). Control the mold temperature appropriately according to the characteristics of the plastic used and the product structure.

(9). Improve the product structure as permitted.

(10). Try to keep the product cool enough.




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