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China's Equipment Manufacturing Industry Classification And Development Environment
- Aug 07, 2018 -

This is the age of advanced equipment.
Equipment manufacturing industry is also developing rapidly. As a core component of manufacturing industry, it is also the basis of national economic development, especially industrial development.
Therefore, it is necessary to build a strong equipment manufacturing industry.
So how many classes are there?
The cage consists of seven major categories:
1. Metal products industry
2. General machinery manufacturing industry
3. Specialized machinery manufacturing industry
4. Manufacturing of transportation equipment
5. Electric machinery and equipment manufacturing
6. Electronics and communication equipment manufacturing
7. Instrument and office machinery manufacturing industry

There are also 186 sub-sectors related to manufacturing in the consumer sector.
In terms of equipment function and importance, it mainly includes three aspects:

1.Basic machinery.
It mainly includes CNC machine tools, flexible manufacturing units, flexible manufacturing systems, computer integrated manufacturing systems, industrial robots, large-scale integrated circuits and electronic manufacturing equipment.

2. Mechanical and electronic infrastructure.
It mainly includes advanced hydraulic, pneumatic, bearing, sealing, mould, tool, low voltage electric appliance, microelectronics and power electronic device, instrument and automatic control system, etc.

3. Complete technical equipment.
It is mainly complete sets of equipment, power transmission and transformation equipment, complete sets of chemical equipment, complete sets of equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling, advanced transportation equipment, large environmental protection equipment, important sets of equipment for large projects, advanced printing equipment and so on.
High dependence on foreign technology and insufficient innovation ability of high-end equipment manufacturing industry have become the stumbling block restricting the transformation of China's manufacturing industry.
It has become an industry consensus to accelerate the informatization process, support high-end equipment manufacturing from "manufacturing" to "creation" with digital design simulation, test and test, comprehensive support technology and services, change the development mode of manufacturing enterprises, and accelerate the transformation of economic development mode.

There will be some new elements in the national policy to promote the development of manufacturing industry.
Most notably, the state will attach great importance to promoting the improvement of major equipment technologies by relying on national key projects and major projects, so as to improve the r&d and integration level of basic industries, materials and basic components.
The country will invest more efforts to develop large and medium-sized enterprises with internationally renowned brands and core competitiveness.
In addition, in order to promote the upgrading of manufacturing industry, the state encourages China's manufacturing industry to improve the informatization level, promote the in-depth integration of informatization and industrialization, and develop and promote the software industry.

The current market is from relatively stable to dynamic and changeable, so it poses a severe challenge to the products of manufacturing enterprises and their development time, quality, cost, service, environment and knowledge content.
China is already a big manufacturer, but not a strong one. Most domestic enterprises are at the bottom.
Therefore, "service, resource environment, knowledge innovation" is becoming the key factor of the core competitiveness of manufacturing industry.

At present, China's equipment manufacturing industry has reached a period of rapid release of growth potential.
On the one hand, China's re-industrialization has entered the stage of acceleration, and the late-development advantages of high-speed railway construction, wind power and other new energy businesses are accelerating the development trend of heavy industry in China, thus forming a powerful engine for the development of equipment manufacturing industry.
On the other hand, after years of accumulation of market for technology, high-end equipment manufacturing industry has developed strong technology accumulation and independent innovation capability.

At present, a number of equipment manufacturing information service enterprises, such as ruifeng cooperation, have emerged in the market, which have the potential to help enterprises to develop products.

The gap between China and the advanced level of the world is so great that more than 90% of the equipment developed in the past has been made of large foreign software.
In this situation, the development of industrial software with independent intellectual property rights has become the key to industrial upgrading in China.



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