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Automobile Mould
- Jun 14, 2017 -

When people say cars, they first present themselves in front of the car's body. That is to say the car body is the vehicle's identification assembly. The body represents the image of the car. The automobile mold is in the narrow sense is flushes the automobile body on all stamping parts the general name. That is, "auto body stamping die". For example, the top cover flanging die, beam reinforced plate die, etc.

The most important part of the automobile mould is the covering mold. This kind of mold mainly is the cold die. The generalized "Automobile mold" is the manufacture of all parts of the automobile die collectively. For example, stamping die, injection mold, forging die, casting wax mold, glass molds.

The stamping parts of the car body are generally divided into covering parts, beam frames and general stamping parts. The stamping parts which can clearly indicate the characteristics of the car are the automobile cover. Therefore, more specifically, the automobile mold can be said to be "automotive panel stamping die." Abbreviation for die for automobile cover parts. For example, the front door outside the plate trimming die, before the door of the internal plate punching mold and so on.