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- Mar 30, 2018 -
  • 1. When did AOXU start? How many people work for AOXU?

AOXU Mould Technology was established in 2010 in China. AOXU has 47 employees at present, including 5+    designers and programmers.

  • 2. What are the main oversea markets of AOXU? What was the annual sales last year?

Currently AOXU regular oversea customers are from the US, Italy, Germany, France and India. Our last year annual sales was 1 million dollars in 2017 and our goal this year is 3 million dollars in 2018.


  • 3. How does AOXU control quality.

Quality assurance is an integral part of any company in today’s competitive marketplace, and AOXU takes it very seriously. QA at AOXU is a three-step process:

          1)First article inspection. QA inspects the First article of every part that is made the moment it comes out of our machine using the parameters and critical dimensions set by customer, to identify any rejects.

          2)In-process inspection. The injection molded parts are then completely inspected once again by our QA personnel at the machine once every two hours, and any rejects are logged.

          3)Thirdly, the acceptable parts are boxed, counted, and moved to our quality control department, where they are randomly inspected once again, and the count is verified.

          4)Finally, the parts are moved to warehouse and ready for shipment after pass the QA inspection