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Plastic Dustpan And Broom Mould For Sweeping Pet Poop

Plastic Dustpan And Broom Mould For Sweeping Pet Poop

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Plastic Dustpan and Broom Mould for Sweeping Pet Poop



Quick Details of our Company and machine list
Address: Huangyan, Taizhou OF ChinaBrandAOXUPeople of ideal and The measure of area

150 people with

5000 Square M 




Injection mould, die casting 

mould, plastic injection, CNC milling, wire cutting, grinding, etc.

Main Product

Die casting moulds, commodity

 product moulds, home appliance 

product moulds, automotive, 

medical product moulds, SMC&

BMC moulds, blowing moulds, etc.

MachineQTYBrandProducingPRECISION (mm)Locations
Milling Machine61K831413Japan0.5Aoxu
Milling Machine101K831404Japan0.5Aoxu
Grinding Machine8FUKEXINGTaiwan0.003Aoxu
Precision Wire Cut4SodickJapan0.002Aoxu
Wire Cut7SUSANGUANGTaiwan0.005Aoxu
Injection Machine12HengshengTaiwan/Aoxu
Before your inquiry please list below your need to us one by one
Which Mold you want do? 



die casting or 

punch mould,


Which Mould Material you want choice? 45#, 50#, P20, H13, 718, 2738, NAK80, S136, SKD61 etc. Which Product Material want? PP, PC, PS, PE, PU, PVC, ABS, PMMA etc. 
How many Cavity? Single/MultipleWhich Designing Software you use? UG/CAD/PROE etc. Runner? Hot/cold
Tolerance? 0.005 - 0.01mmHow much Mould Life you want? 300000 -1000000 ShotsMould Base? LKM/HASCO/DME etc. 
PackageWooden CaseDeliveryBy Sea /By Air or keep the mould in our factory and injection from usSpecificationsAs per customers' demand



FOB, CIF, etc





polishe, etc

T/T, L/C

Founded in 2001 Year, Taizhou Huangyan Aoxu Mould Technology Limited, located in the home of mould with convient transport in Huangyan, Taizhou, China, takes pride in meeting and exceeding in customer requirements.

We are professional in making moulds and molding products, we also support structure design and offer assistance in material selection, you are welcome to look towards Aoxu as an extension of your R&D department, an arm of your design group and manufacturing partner.

We have been striving to excellent quality at competitive price, "Quality and Service First." the principle that we pursure, is exactly why we have established business relationships with customers from all over the world. More than 80% of our molds are exported to USA, EU, CIS, South America and other Asian countries and area.

Welcome you come to Aoxu to have a look and cooperate with us!

1. How many molds can you build per year?
We can build 80~200sets injection mold every year, the number should be based on the molod size and sturcture complex grade

2.How many percent of molds are exported?
90 percent of the molds are export to USA, Europe, Japan and other countries etc

3. Can you make the mold and also supply us the injection molding plastic product?
Yes, we can make the mold and also help you to molding the plastic product for you.

4. What type plastic product can you do?
This is a broad queswtion,I can reply in 2 ways:
a- we can produce the plastic product with these plastic type: ABS, PC, PP, PE, Nylon, PMMA(acrylic), PS, POM, PPS, PVC, TPE, TPR, TPU, TPV etc, so much type plastic and soft rubber
b. we can produce the plastic product for automobile, motobicycle, office appliances, home appliances, industrial product equipment, digital electronic, lamp and LED product, medical equipment and product etc.

5. Can you make double color(or double shot, double material) mold?
Yes, we have experience to make double color mold, double shot mold, double material mold, we call this 2K mold.

6.Can you make insert mold?
Yes, we can do this type mold, usual the insert material is metal insert, or hard plastic part,  we have also experience to make 3color or material mold, we usual call this over mold.

7. Can you make multi-cavity mold?
Yes, we can, we can build some molds with 16, 32 cavities.

8. Can you help us to improve the structure design?
Some customer have no experience on the mold technology, so the production usual need to improve the sturture to help save mold cost or improve the surface quality, yes we can help you on this.

9. Can you help us to make the prototype and mold and molding product and painting or printing?
Yes, we can help the client from the prototype to the final product, we call this one-stop servise.

10. How can we contact you?
Below is our contact information:

Company name: Taizhou Huangyan Aoxu Mould Technology Company

Contacter person: Shine

Email: sales1@aoxumoulds.com

Mob(What's app): +86 15757668880

Skype: +86 15757668880

QQ: 740573849

Wechat: 15757668880


Welcome to buy the high quality and low cost plastic dustpan and broom mould for sweeping pet poop in bulk with us. As one of the leading Pet Product Mould manufacturers and suppliers in China, we're equipped with a productive and professional factory in Taizhou, China at your service. For customized products, contact us to inform us of details now.
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