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Single Side Injection Pallet Mold

Single Side Injection Pallet Mold

Manufacturing Single Side Injection Pallet Mold l Exclusive product. l Welding processing is adopted, and durability is permant l Steel plate is pressed into corrugated shape,greatly enhance strength l Standard shape of bottom is three-bar style l Surface treatment:Bule(RAL5017)Powder Coated l...

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Product Details

Single Side Injection Pallet Mold

Mold Specifications


Main MaterialSteel tube& angle steel (1.2mm metal plate as side wall)/Metric

W1100*D1100*H1300 (mm),can be customized.

Into the fork height 190 mm /pcs
Into the fork height 260 mm /pcs
Unit Loading Capaticy2000 kgs /pcs.
Static Stack Layer

3 layers (full-max 2000kg per container)

Net Weight62KG/pcs
Standard ColorBlue (RAL5017),can be customized
Surface Treatment Powder Coated
Structure Style Single faced
Into the fork type 4-way fork type
Pallet Type Euro Steel Pallet

lExclusive product.  

lWelding processing is adopted, and durability is permant

lSteel plate is pressed into corrugated shape,greatly enhance strength

lStandard shape of bottom is three-bar style

lSurface treatment:Bule(RAL5017)Powder Coated 

lHave a bigger capicity and long using life than plastic pallet.

lLoading Capacity -2000kg, if you want bigger, that is also available

lVarious dimensions and colors are available in order to meet customers needs.

lAble to be converyed by pallet vehicles,forklift and etc, forklift and etc,stacked realize stereostoring management

lPressed into corrugated shape,greatly enhance strength,welding process,be conveyed by pallet vehicles,forklift.bottom3-bar style

1.An exclusive project manager.
2. High quality & competitive price & professional skills.
3. In house strict quality control.
4. Fast and on time delivery with decent orders
5. All molds could be produced automatically
6.Rigorous QC program for each step

Offered Service:
1. Mold progress report and tooling schedule will be provided weekly.
2. The first testing sample for buyer's inspection and work out improvement requirements will be provided.
3. Mold testing video, 2D part drawing and 3D mold design before shipment will be provided.

Plastic Injection Mould:
1.Samples/Drawing & Requirement from you
2. Mould design: we will Communicate& Exchange the opinion with you after you place order.
3. Material Purchase: Steel cutting and Mould base tooling.
4. Assembling.
5. Inspection of mould: following and controlling the tooling processing.
6. Mould testing: We will inform you the date. Then will send the sample' s inspection report& injection parameters with the sample to you!
7. Your instruction & confirmation for shipment.
8. Finished mould before packing.
If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me.


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