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Manufacturing Industrial Mould Pallet Mould Company

Manufacturing Industrial Mould Pallet Mould Company Pallet Mould Specifications 1.The mould is designed with 3D modeling software 2.The mould is made by imported P20 and German 2306 steel etc. 3.The mould is designed by advanced hot Runner system and each cavity has independent temperature...

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Manufacturing Industrial Mould Pallet Mould Company

Pallet Mould Specifications

1.The mould is designed with 3D modeling software

2.The mould is made by imported P20 and German 2306 steel etc.

3.The mould is designed by advanced hot Runner system and each cavity has independent temperature control and heater system.

4.The mould surface is plated by reliable hard chrome.

5.The mould cavity is replaceable,so that the label top can be changed.

6.All the parts are manufactured with CNC equipments.

Our Trade process for Manufacturing Industrial Mould Pallet Mould Company:

 1.R&D                  Customers provide the pallet design or samples for us

 2.Negotiation         Mutual discuss for the materials ,the price ,delivery time  etc

 3.Place the order    Strictly do according to the order to meet our customer needs

 4.Mould                Design confirmation by our customer-Mould making strictly by the design

 5.Sample               Trial sample-our customer confirm-move forward to batch production

 6.Delivery              Delivery could according to our customers required by sea


Aoxu Mould Technology

1.Our company specializes in plastic injection molding as well as mould making and product assembly. 

2. We can produce any part, big or small, perform post processing, assembly or packaging according to the customer requirement.

3.We can use your existing mould or produce one in our factory. With 13 years of experience we can handle any of your projects.

4. We can also assist you with the particular design of your product and subsequently produce it by plastic injection molding.

5.processing methods: processing with supplied drawings

6.standard or nonstandard: we both process standard and  nonstandard forgings.

7.we can serve sample before big order.

8.we can reproduce if quality is not good.

9.after sale service: all the casting will be checked strictly, if the defects are found, we will produce new ones or make it for back order.

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