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Industrial One-face Pallet Mold

Industrial One-face Pallet Mold

Industrial One-face Pallet Mold

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Product Details

Industrial One-face Pallet Mold

1.Sample Description
This pallet mold only have one cavitiy and core,no extra inserts or slides to change.
Pallet Size:1200x1200x150mmindustrial-one-face-pallet-mold29386737502.jpg

Pallet Weight:15kgs

2.Mold Specifications

Mold Name : pallet mould
Mold Size: 
Pallet Material: HDPE MFI 8
Product description: Dual-layer pallet with 4 slides
Mold cavity: 1 cavity
Mold Size: 1800x1800x1100mm
Suitable machine: 2000T Dakumar machine
Mold material: DIN 1.2311
Mold life: 1000K
Runner system: 16 points ANOLE hot runner  gate
Ejection system: ejector pin and ejecting block
Mold running: ejector pin+slide system
Mold features:complex mould structure, Fine cooling system design,ANOLE hot runner professional filter system design, suitable for high speed recycled material injection production Stroke switch controls ejection process precisely,Oil and water integrator is more convenient for application and operation,Copper guide bush, abrasion resistance and prolong the mould life .
Injection cycle time : 95 seconds
Delivery time : 85 days


Simulation Plastic Flow: Simulation of plastic melt flow. To optimize and injection mould design of plastic parts, potentially reducing parts defects, improve the molding process.
Simulation Gating System: The cold/hot runner and gate configuration of modeling and Optimization. Improvement of parts surface, reduce warping of parts and cycle furthest.
Simulation Cooling: Improving the efficiency of the cooling system, reduce warping of parts furthest, so that the surface is smooth, and reduced cycle times.
Simulation Shrinkage and Warping: Evaluation and injection mould design of plastic parts in order to control shrinkage and warping.
Professional Forming Process: On a wide range of injection moulding processes and specialized application process flow simulation, especially in gas-assisted injection mould.

4.Our Trade process
1. R&D We could provide the mould design for our customers
2. Neogotiation Mutual discuss for the materials, the price, delivery time and payment term etc
3. Place the order: Strictly do according to the order to meet our customer needs
4. Mould Design comfirmation by our customer-Mold making strictly by the design
5. Sample Mold first trial sample-our customer to comfirm ---move forward to batch production
6. Delivery Delievry could according to our customers required by sea or by air

5.Mold Packing &. Delivery



6.Contact us


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