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OEM Reflector Mould Of Bicycle Or Auto Car Part

OEM Reflector Mould Of Bicycle Or Auto Car Part

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OEM Reflector Mould of Bicycle or Auto Car Part



Taizhou Huangyan Aoxu Mould Technology Co., Ltd.

Business Type


Products Name

Reflector Mould of Bibycle or Auto Car

Place of Origin

Taizhou, China

Export Country

Europe,Japan, America, Australian ,UK,Canada,France,Germany,Italy AND so on

Quality System


Mould life


Mould base Material

Standard LKM,HASCO,customized

Core&Cavity Material


Products Material


Design Software

UG,Pro E Solidwork,AutoCAD,Moldflow....


Hot runner,cold runner


Side gate,Sub gate,Pin point Gate...

Delivery Time

30-35 days for mold,plastic products according to quantity


Wooden box for mould,carton for plastic products

plastic Injection Machine



1set for mold ,plastic products as per your request


more than 20 years experience in plastic injection mold making and plastic products produce

Contact person



+86 157 5766 8880





Mold and Injection Part Material

We offer a range of materials in standard mold steel such as LKM, Finkl Daido steel and our Chinese material like P20, H13,S50 etc. 
Product materials including ABS, Nylon, Acetal, Polystyrene, Polypropylene, PC, PVC, UPE etc and relative composite material ABS with Glass filling, Nylon with Glass filling, PC with glass filling etc.

Any special materials or requirement, our engineer team will consult with you before production, we will order these material from China local market or your side send to us.

Injection Mold Design Manufacturing
Our injection molds design from a few thousands to ten thousands production or more, from automotive, medical, electronics, PC and consumer products etc, our engineer team will customized products to you from mold design to production, choice appropriate mold materials and optimized machining process to reduce lead time and costs, as usual, these local molds will be injected in our plant.
Normally,those high standard molds will be exported to oversea, we used DME and HASCO international mold standard to design and manufacturing.


Mold and Plastic Part Quality

Our engineers use DFM for all of parts from molds to production, the molds design we will usually uses Mold flow simulation review, from mold base, steel, electrode, runner system the whole process inspection and report. Especially, the mold base, steel, runner system we ask detail certification before machining, during machining, our engineer is strictly check the process to ensure each stage part perfect.
Plastic injection parts we will inspect them from raw materials certification to sample, pre-production till final production, our quality team is more attention to check them and report relative data to make sure all of parts meet requirement.

Injection Mold and Injection Part Tolerance

Our quality team is strictly complying with ISO system procedure to control each of stages process, based on DIN 16742 standard to implement, If our customers have any special requirement, our engineer team will consult with you priority to fix agreement specification to ensure product tolerance.


Secondary Machining Process

RJC mold company offers more secondary finishing service to customers needs like painting, silk-screen,Ultrasonic welding, packaging, assembly etc in order to make the product aesthetic as customers needs, and provide more good solutions for good quality. please kindly visit our product finishing service in details.

Please kindly Email at  sales1@aoxumoulds.com now if you have special requests on your product finishing process.

Company Profile:
We are specializing in design and manufacturing of high precision plastic injection mold, we design and produce precision mould for automotive industry, electronic and electrical appliances, household appliances,medical industry, fiber-optical and transmission industry and customized components, concerning connector molding parts, auto parts, medical parts and other tooling, etc. 
Automobile: Auto interior plastic case, Auto Inner Parts, Bumper, Door Plate, Auto lamp, Instrument panel, auto connectors ,Electrical switch; Car Gear, Complete sets of Motorcycle parts and so on.
Electronic: Wireless receiver plastic part, 3G/4G Modem Wireless Network Cards, USB Connector ,USB housing, Mobile phone plastic part, remote control, key-press;

Mechanical: Motor support plastic part, Pump plastic part, mower plastic parts

Household: Fashion cup, Juice cup, Plastic barrels, some small plastic parts;
Home appliance: such as TV front cover, TV rear cover, Display cover, Air-conditioner or Refrigerators plastic parts, Washing machine part. 

Medical: Hollow fiber Dialyzer, Deaf-Aid parts, Medical instrument body plastic parts, Blood-Pressure meter Parts,   Blood-Pressure meter, Stapler;

Mould spare parts: High precision mold components; Mould Parts, injection mould part, plastic mould part, Precision Metal Punch, Plastic Mold Tooling Spare Parts

If you have any project now or in the future, please contact Shine:


Welcome to buy the high quality and low cost oem reflector mould of bicycle or auto car part in bulk with us. As one of the leading Motorcycle Part Mould manufacturers and suppliers in China, we're equipped with a productive and professional factory in Taizhou, China at your service. For customized products, contact us to inform us of details now.
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