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Motorcycle Parts Molds

Motorcycle Parts Molds

Quick Details Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland) Brand Name:Aoxu Model Number:AX1002 Shaping Mode:Plastic Injection Mould Product Material:Plastic, PP,Aluminum ie casting Product:Household Product Language:English, Chinese Keyword:chair plastic mould Mould material:Steel Mould base:45#,...

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Product Details

Motorcycle Parts Molds


1.Typical Material Used

Most thermoplastics can be processed by Injection Mould. The table below lists some of the commonly used materials:

  • Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene ABS

  • Nylon PA

  • Polycarbonate PC

  • Polypropylene PP

  • Polystyrene GPPS

2.Mould Details

  • 1, Mould base is use of LKM frame, and HASCO standard frame, all components are with DME or    HASCO standard. 

  • 2, We have a wide useage of mold steel, both local and improted, 

  • 45#, 50#, P20, H13, 718&738H, 2738,2344, S136,  from ASSAB, DAIDO, THYSSEN, FINKL,etc. heat treatment to HRD 48~52 HRC, nitried all sliders and inserts, use Berylium Copper in corners to improve cooling. 

  • 3, We supply full set of 3D mold drawing and details layout. 

  • 4, We make all kinds of mold, big size up to 15 Tons, smaller size up to 0.5mm on plastics; We make cold runner mold, hot runner mold(Husky,Mold maser,Synventive,DME and YUDO), 3-plate mold, over mold, insert mold, reverse ejection mold, gas asistance mold, etc. Our engineer and technican are always keep studying and get more and more experienced and professional on mold making skills. 

  • 5, We have a wide usage on plastic material, especially for those may cause worse deformation, bad filling, worse part surface, we have our ways to control the mold to have better parts. 

  • 6, We ensure the mold life to customers, we provide steel and material conformity, certicate to customers. 

  • 7, Our advanced equipment and high effective mangement give customer quick lead time, sometimes we only take 10 days to complete prtotype molds.

3.Packaging Details

For mold: Firstly assembling and clearing mold well, and then paint anti-rust fog or grease on mold, then cover with thin film and place it into a stable wooden case.
For molded products: the first thing is to wrap each part up with semi-transparent thin foam and put it into plastic bag, the second step is place them into cartons with thin sponge plates to prevent scratches.


4.Our advantages

1, We can design 3D drawing for customers'confirmation according to their 2D drawing or samplewhen placing the order.
2, Meet your requirement regarding quality 
3,Competitive price of open tooling

4,You only need to give us your requriements in detail for your products.We can desing and customproducts for very well.

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