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Plastic Garbage Bin Mold Making Machine

Plastic Garbage Bin Mold Making Machine

Mould Name: Bin mold HS Code:8480719090 Final Product: Plastic trash bin. Shaping Mode: Plastic Injection Mould Product Material: PP, HDPE,PC,ABS, etc. Mould Material: Steel Mould Steel Type: S45C, S50C, P20, 718,2738, etc. Mould base: 45#, 50#, LKM, etc. Mould Cavity: Single cavity or as...

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Product Details

Garbage Bin Mold 

Aoxu Mould has made plenty of garbage bin mould for home application,the garbage bin mould fuction. We have padel bin design plastic garbage bin mould, swang top bins, automatic open plastic garbage bins and so on. Aoxu has develop model design for household plastic bin mould.


2. suitable for high speed injection.

3. long mould life.        

Moulds Name : Home-use Garbage Bin Mold 

Garbage bin mould size: 10L

Product description: Single footstep 10L dust bin

Garbage bin mould cavity: 1 cavity

Garbage bin mould Size: 500x450x620mm

Suitable machine: 380T injection machine

Garbage bin mould material: DIN 1.2738

Garbage bin mould life: 1000K

Runner system: 1 point ANOLE hot runner point gate

Garbage bin mould running: Full automaticity

Garbage bin mould features: Complex mould structure

Injection cycle time : 15 seconds

Delivery time : 60 days

Garbage bin Mould Quality Control


For the Q/C of mould, there are 3 steps:


1.Mould Material Q/C


- Mould Steel Checking(Hardness, flaw detection)


- Mould Standard Spare Parts Checking(hardness, size, flaw checking)


2. Mould Making Process Q/C


- design checking (part design, mould design, mould engineering drawing)


- Each part of mould’s size checking after machining according to 2D drawing


- mould testing(check mould running condition)


3.check with customer’s requirement again before mould shipping.



Garbage bin Mould Pack and Shipping


Anti-rust oil is painted first, then Plastic film, and finally Wooden Case.


Sent together with the mould:


a)      Mould manual instruction


b)      engineering drawing in flash disk


c)      one more set of mould spare parts: heater, ejector pin, bush, water nozzle, water pipe, hanging ring.

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