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Plastic Chair Mold Company

Plastic Chair Mold Company

Child Stool Mold advantages of our company: 1. We are a n manufacturer specialized in OEM injection plastic parts from design to rapid prototype to mold to mass production for more than 2 0 years. 2.Providing samples with important dimensions and customizing inspection report material...

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Product Details

Plastic Chair Mold Company


We specialized in manufacturing plastic injection mould for over 13 years .

1.Providing plastic mould for various parts according to your requirements.

2.We own the CNC processing centers and various advanced mould tooling machine .

3.Our products possess the advantages of high precision long life and short cycle with reasonable price,prompt delivery.

4.Mould design is subject to customers’ requirements.

5.Heat treatment of mold can be provided including quencher,nitridation,tempering,etc.

6.Our tenet is to manufacture customized and qualified mold as per requirement .

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Packaging Details:  plastic parts in standard carton case package.

Delivery Detail:  30-60 Days of plastic injection moldflexible for urgent orders.



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Welcome to buy the high quality and low cost plastic chair mold company in bulk with us. As one of the leading Chair, Table &. Stool Mould manufacturers and suppliers in China, we're equipped with a productive and professional factory in Taizhou, China at your service. For customized products, contact us to inform us of details now.
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