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OEM Making Armless Chair Mold Company

OEM Making Armless Chair Mold Company

Armless Chair Mold. Chair Mould Name : Arm Chair Mould Chair Mould Size: 1200*900*700 Product description: Interchangeable insert block for different versions of chair backrest and Seat, the backrest and armrest area interchanged when the chair mould on the machine. Chair Mould cavity: 1 cavity...

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Product Details

OEM Making Armless Chair Mold Company

1.Mould Specifications

Mould Name : Armless Chair Mould

Product description: Interchangeable insert block for different versions of chair backrest and Seat, the backrest and armrest area interchanged when the chair mould on the machine.

Mould cavity: 1 cavity

Mould Size: 1350x860x800mm

Suitable machine: 750T

Mould material: P20

Mould life: 800K

Runner system: 1 point ANOLE hot runner direct cone gate

Ejection system: ejector pin

Mould running: Full automaticity

Mould features: Simple structure mould . Optimal cooling system, Good polishing, Precision air venting, Interchangeable back design inserts

Injection cycle time : 45 seconds

Mould normally delivery time : 70 days

2.Mould Image


3.About Us

Aoxu Mould Technology is a precision tool making company who also specialize in precision machining - 4 axis CNC milling, CNC turning, wire erosion and precision machined parts. We machine to tight tolerances using Co-ordinate Measuring Machines to ensure quality.
We offer a full tool making service from component design, mould design, tool manufacture, full 3D mould inspection, component inspection plus first off, and pre-production samples.
We have more then ten years of experience in subcontract machining, with advanced technology to produce complex components whilst meeting tight deadlines.

Our tool repair and modification service can provide emergency repair and corrections to dies or just general tool maintenance.
We have won good reputation for our products both domestically and abroad.

4.Our Design
We have full In House design ability. We can accept 3D data with format: x-t, part, igs, step, stp, catia, etc. and 2D data with dxf and dwg, or PDF.
We can make Mold Flow analysis in house.
We use full 3D design the mold, ensure whole machining process is smoothly.
The softwares we used:
3D Tool, Auto CAD, Pro/e, Mold Flow, UG.

5.Project Management
We have Project Team, customer only have one contact window with Smooth Mold. In this way, customer can contact Smooth 24/7, and the requirement will be reacted on time and correct.

We have the CNC,EDM,WC and other high precision equipments. Also ,with CMM (Wenzel) checking.
Good machine make good mold and checked by good CMM. We will satisfy your style tolerance.



7.Quality Control
Aoxu Mould Technology understand customer's requirement on quality. We have many years experience of export quality control, and always do our best to ensure our products satisfy our customers.
1,Quality control planning, and DFM report. 
At the beginning, we analyze customer's drawing and part model, get the key points from customer and the drawings. This is critical, as we need ensure the positions which will affect the function and assmebly. 
After check the stucture, thickness, moldflow etc. We make DFM report to customer.In this DFM report, customer can find the info about: Gate, Cooling, Structure, Moldflow, Layout, Mold size, etc. Smooth Mold design the mold according customer's DFM comments. 
2, Design checking and confirmation. 
All design from Smooth Mold, are be checked internally before sending to customer. After ensure all design problem solved, and got the confirmation from customer side. We start order the steel and start cutting. 
3, Mold components machining process controlling. 
During the mold components machining process, we check all part dimensions to ensure the part meet tolerance.
Simple parts are checked by common checking equipment, and for inserts or part with surface shape, we use CMM to check them. 

8.Our Package


9.Where are the customers of AOXU

We export all our products to the customers all over the world, including Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, South America and Africa.


10.Why choose AOXU

Excellent design capability

High quality products

Competitive price

Prompt & timely delivery

Best customer services

11.Contact Person


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