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Taizhou Making Plastic Bucket Mold

Taizhou Making Plastic Bucket Mold

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Product Details

Taizhou Making Plastic Bucket Mold

NameBucket Mold
Mould material45#, 50#, P20
Mould base45#, 50#, ect
Design softwareUG, PROE, CAD, CAXA ect.
Plastic materialPP, PC, PS, PE, PU, PVC, ABS, PMMA ect.
Mould life500,000-1,000,000 shots
Delivery time65days
SpecificationDepends on customer's requirements

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Process Machines

No.  Machine name         QTY    Type           Travel itinerary    

1      High speed milling     1       AV1612       1600*1200

2      High speed milling     1       H22S150     2200*1500

3      High speed milling     1       AV1280       1200*800

4      CNC                          1       HB-3190      3000*1970

5      CNC                          1       SVW3217     3200*1700

6      CNC                          1       HB-2190      2200*1970

7      CNC                          1       TZ-2520       2500*2000

8      CNC                          1       VEL-1680      1600*800

9      CNC                          1       HB-1890       1800*1000

10     CNC                         1       HB1580         1500*850

11     CNC                         1       VEJ1060        1000*600

12     Driller                       1       ZJ4060          diameter:60

13     Driller                       3       ZJ3050          diameter:50

14     Driller                       1       ZJ3040          diameter:40

15     Driller                       1       DHD2000      2000*1600

16     Driller                       1       DHD1500      1500*1300

17     CNC engraving and milling machine   2S600B     600*600

18     CNC engraving and milling machine   2400GA    400*400

19     Wire cut                   3       (HWC 53S)     500*300*210

What we stand for?

N- new product designs.

U- understand customers needs.

E- excellent quality products

V- value for money

A- assured quality service

Q/C Inspect Moulds:

1.Mould Material Q/C

- Mould Steel Checking(Hardness, Crack ,Blow hole material defects )

- Mould Standard Spare Parts Checking(hardness, size, flaw checking)

2. Mould Machining Process Q/C

- Design checking (Part design, mould design,Including 2D drawing and 3D drawing) 

- Each part of mould’s size checking after machining according to 2D drawing

- Mold Test (check mould running conditions and T1 samples)

3.Make sure to follow and checking each points of customer’s request before shipment

Requirements for inquiry

1.Samples/Drawing & Requirement from you
2. Mould design: we will Communicate& Exchange the opinion with you after you place order.
3. Material Purchase: Steel cutting and Mould base tooling.
4. Assembling.
5. Inspection of mould: following and controlling the tooling processing.
6. Mould testing: We will inform you the date. Then will send the sample' s inspection report& injection parameters with the sample to you!
7. Your instruction & confirmation for shipment.
8. Finished mould before packing.

If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss any of your requirements of moulds, please feel free to contact us at leila@aoxumoulds.com. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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