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Plastic Bucket Mold Injection Molding

Plastic Bucket Mold Injection Molding

Plastic Bucket Mold Injection Molding

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Product Details

Plastic Bucket Mold Injection Molding

Mould Details

Plastic material:PP

Steel of Cavity & Core:718 with Beryllium bronzeplastic bucket mold

Steel of Mould base: S50C. LkM standard, etc.

Nos of Cavity: 1 cavity

Hardness of Cavity & Core: 42-45HRC

Hardness of Wear Parts: 42-48HRC

Core pulling system: Motor /oil cylinder/ stripping plate, angel pin, etc.

Mould Accessories: DME/HASCO Standard 

Cooling systemIn: core baffle cooling and in cavity plate chain drilling type cooling.

Surface finish: Diamond polish.

Molding life: 500, 000shots


Delivery time:55 work days

Packing:wooden case

Company Profile:
Aoxu Mould Co., Ltd has been delicated to the mold making industry for more than 13 years. With constant growing and development, we expanded and founded factory in nearby city in Taizhou. 
Aoxu Mould has accumulated rich experience and build up a strong steady engineering and manufacturing team.

Our Service

This product/mould is Customized. If you would like to have a custom made product/mould, follow these steps, please! 

1, Please contact and inform me if you would like to send a product sample.

   Our address:NO.38, Beiyuan Avenue, Xinqian Industrial Zone, Huangyan,Taizhou,Zhejiang,China
   zip code:318020   Consignee: Leila

2, Tell me your mould requirements: 

A, cavity(if not sure, tell me your Estimated Annual usage, our designers  

  could suggest appropriate cavity );  

B, mould life (choose suitable mould material based on it);

C, product material ; 

D, mould making time (in general, mould making time is 20~45 working   

  days, if rush order, inform me, please)

3, Quotation: according to your requirements, I will send you a quotation 

    list in 1~2 workdays.

4, Feedback: Give me your feedback without delay, please! We are deeply 


5, Continue Cooperation: According to sample, design product and mould drawing, and arrange production. 

Plastic Mold Design Guidelines

The maximum part outline that can be molded is approximately 18.9 in. (480mm) by 29.6 in. (751mm) or roughly equivalent to 175 sq. in. (1,129 sq. cm.). A maximum part volume of approximately 59 cu. in. Depth up to 4 in. (101mm) from the parting line with 3 degrees of draft, or up to 8 in. (202mm) total if the parting line can pass through the middle of the part, inside and outside. Deeper parts are limited to a smaller outline.

A taper applied to the faces of the part that prevent them from being parallel to the motion of the mold opening is called draft. This keeps the part from being damaged due to scraping as the part is ejected out of the mold. Recommended draft:
0.5 degrees on all vertical faces is strongly advised.
2 degrees works very well in most situations.
3 degrees is minimum for a shutoff (metal sliding on metal).
3 degrees is required for light texture (PM-T1).
5 or more degrees is required for heavy texture (PM-T2).

Typically, Proto Labs can maintain a machining tolerance of ±.003 in. (0.08mm) with an included resin tolerance that can be greater than but no less than ±.002 in./in. (0.002mm/mm).
Wall thickness
With injection-molded parts, observing proper (and uniform) wall thickness helps parts avoid potential issues such as sink marks and warpage.

4.Wall thickness
With injection-molded parts, observing proper (and uniform) wall thickness helps parts avoid potential issues such as sink marks and warpage.

5.Surface finish

A number of standard finishes are available for injection-molded parts at Proto Labs. Our current finishes include non-cosmetic, low-cosmetic and EDM finishes; bead-blast texturing; and high-end mold polishing.

Packaging & Shipping



 1 .  Q: Can you make the production mold with short run production?
 A: Yes ,we can . we can make the production for any quantity you want.

2.  Q: How do we control the mold processing?
     A: We will send the processing report and mold processing picture every two week to the customer.  

3.  Q: Is the samples free of charge?
     A: Yes, the first trial samples (3~5pcs) is free, and we will send you the samples by DHL, FEDEX or TNT as  soon as  we finish the first samples.

4.  Q: Who own the mold?
     A: Customer

5.Q: Is it possible to know how are my products going on without visiting your company?

A: We will offer a detailed production schedule and send weekly reports with digital pictures and videos which show the machining progress.

6.Q: If you make poor quality goods,will you refund our fund?

A: As a matter of fact, we won't take a chance to do poor quality products. Meanwhile, we manufacture goods quality products until your satisfaction.

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