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Molding Injection Plastic Beer Case Mold

Description of beer case mould JY-MO. Mould feature:

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Molding Injection Plastic Beer Case Mold

Description of beer case mould

Mould Name

beer case mould

Mould Type

plastic injection mould



Core/Cavity Material

P20,718,and etc.

Mould spare parts

Use H13(DIN 1.2344),tempered with HRC42-45 nitrited with HRC 60-62 measure up to P-M-E metric standard,enjecter pin with SLD/SKD.


Insert/slider steel

Use 2344(DIN 1.2344),tempered with HRC42-55

Mould Life

100,000 to 1,000,000 shots



Mould Design Software

UG,PRO-E, Cimatron, auto-CAD

2D/3D drawing

DWG,IGS format


Mould feature: 

Mould service

mould with high quality ,long life ,top technic design, prompt delivery, excellent service ,reasonable price

Mould design

adopt CAD/CAM/CAE to design and use advance machines to insure the quality

Mould cavity

cavity quantity :single or multi cavity

Mould material

cavity /core material :718H, P20,45,50,etc, according to clients requirement

Products material

product material :PA, PP, PE, PET, etc

Mould life

mould cycle time :300,000 to1000,000 times

Mould series

moulding /mold for commodities /plastic mould for household appliances

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