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Closestool Cover Mold Home Appliance Injection Mould

Washing Machine Part Mold Mould Details 1: 1.Cavity:Single 2. Mold Material:P20H, 718H,etc 3. Runner: hot runner,cold runner 4. Delivery time: 45 days 5. Design software:UG, PROE, CAD 6. Mould base: home made mould base 7. Mould life: above 500,000 shots 8. Package: wooden cases or according to...

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Product Details

Manufacturing Closestool Cover Mold Home Appliance Injection Mould

Mould Details 1:


2. Mold Material:P20H, 718H,etc

3. Runner: hot runner,cold runner

4. Delivery time: 45 days

5. Design software:UG, PROE, CAD

6. Mould base: home made mould base

7. Mould life: above 500,000 shots

8. Package: wooden cases or according to customers requirement.


Mould Details 2: 

1, Mould base is used of LKM frame, and HASCO standard frame, all components are with DME or   

 HASCO standard.

2, We have a wide useage of mold steel, both local and improted, 

45#, 50#, P20, H13, 718&738H, 2738,2344, S136,  from ASSAB, DAIDO, THYSSEN, FINKL,etc.

heat treatment to HRD 48~52 HRC, nitried all sliders and inserts, use Berylium Copper in corners

to improve cooling.

3, We supply full set of 3D mold drawing and details layout.

4, We make all kinds of mold, big size up to 15 Tons, smaller size up to 0.5mm on plastics; We make cold runner mold, hot runner mold(Husky,Mold maser,Synventive,DME and YUDO), 3-plate mold, over mold, insert mold, reverse ejection mold, gas asistance mold, etc. Our engineer and technican are always keep studying and get more and more experienced and professional on mold making skills.

5, We have a wide usage on plastic material, especially for those may cause worse deformation,

bad filling, worse part surface, we have our ways to control the mold to have better parts.

6, We ensure the mold life to customers, we provide steel and material conformity, certicate to customers.

7, Our advanced equipment and high effective mangement give customer quick lead time,

sometimes we only take 10 days to complete prototype molds.

About Designs Making In Aoxu Mould Company

1. If customer have product design, factory will make mould structure 3D drawings.

2. If customer only have samples without product designs, we need customer to delivery samples, then can do part and mould 3D drawings.


Final Product Image:


Our Service:

-Virgin market car parts mould making

-After market car parts mould making

-Gas-assist injection mould design and mould making

-High gloss polishing mould making

-Customer design service


-Mould making

-Manufacturing process control

-Mould flow analysis service avaiable

-Customer moulding assembly

-Cold mould runner and hot mould runner

Manufacturing Closestool Cover Mold Home Appliance Injection Mould

Mould Packing



1. We are manufacturer, have 13 year OEM experiences, competitive price can be provided.

2. Rich experiences skillful designer and workers.

3. High quality plastic material and plastic mould material.

4. Strict quality Control.

5. Coordinate Custom's R&D program.

6. With high precision CNC, EDM, Wire-cutting, Grinder, Milling, injection and

blowing machines, we can supply you not only mould, mould parts but also

plastic products

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